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Reviews left by rocavaco

Sat, Oct 10 9:58 AM rocavaco review of Maniac by Skye Jordan
Very nice piano part Could you please re-create and upload the midi file? It c...
Mon, Nov 5 2:01 PM rocavaco review of I Loved You More Than More by texasradiofish
grooove - extra high energy in drums and bass
Fri, Aug 25 2:33 AM rocavaco review of Indelible Choices: The DNA of Action by texasradiofish
Voices may change! Very cool what you made from the various samples. Nice to see...
Sat, Aug 19 2:30 PM rocavaco review of African meditation dance by Stefan Kartenberg
Was für eine Reise, von Rumänien über Wien nach Afrika :) Sch&oum...
Mon, Jun 5 5:43 AM rocavaco review of Peace of Mind by @nop
like the groove - and I always like Brazilian singers :)
Sun, May 28 7:38 AM rocavaco review of Food Porn Gourmets by texasradiofish
cool bass riff in second half
Fri, Jun 17 2:28 AM rocavaco review of Relaxing Sisters (Instrumental) by Aussens@iter
Smooth as silk! Very nice work with the samples - thank you for the new interpre...
Sun, May 15 8:44 AM rocavaco review of Winter Glow by Aussens@iter
All instruments are just beautifully sitting in the mix. And perfect guitar work...
Tue, May 3 4:23 AM rocavaco review of Run Come Massive by logos
I like this drums! Which library did you use?
Sun, Apr 24 10:17 AM rocavaco review of Run away! by reiswerk
Haha - jetzt weiß ich, warum man wasserdichte Kameras braucht :)
Fri, Apr 1 3:45 AM rocavaco review of Naruto - Sadness and Sorrow (Violin) - Taylor Davis by Christina Burch
Yes, very nice. But ccMixter is the wrong place. First it is a copyrighted sound...
Mon, Mar 21 1:09 PM rocavaco review of I'll Wait (Emotional Days Mix) by Siobhan Dakay
Very unique approach. Very interesting listen. Very cool.
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