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Reviews left by robomusic

Sun, Jul 26 3:13 AM robomusic review of Coffee & Lullabies by Dan_Mantau
I like this very much, very good mix.
Tue, Jul 23 12:01 PM robomusic review of Lightning and Thunder by Loveshadow
Again, Loveshadow, this is great.
Tue, Jul 23 11:58 AM robomusic review of Drunk Text by Loveshadow
Sat, Jul 20 1:16 AM robomusic review of One True Connection by Loveshadow
A big thank you, Loveshadow, for your wonderful, wonderful song!
Sat, May 4 8:15 AM robomusic review of Talk To Me by texasradiofish
I am honoured by your reworking and remixing of my version of Talk To Me. The re...
Mon, Jun 5 1:59 PM robomusic review of Do You Really Believe? by Mr_Yesterday
Thanks for your song about a virtue dramatically needed in our time, as optimism...
Sun, May 7 1:20 PM robomusic review of Do You Really Believe? by Stefan Kartenberg
Wonderfully crafted. Some passages remind me of David Bowie.
Sat, Feb 4 10:01 AM robomusic review of Blind Love Dub by Jeris
Fantastic production, heartwarming sound. Congratulations!
Wed, Nov 23 1:44 PM robomusic review of Bueno Jazz by texasradiofish
Bueno bueno, what a drive!
Sun, Nov 13 2:12 PM robomusic review of Remember Us by Doxent Zsigmond
Delicate, elegant, sublime!
Sun, Apr 24 6:14 AM robomusic review of Bonobo Shuffle by texasradiofish
Instruments, Arrangement, Mixing: Everything ist wow!
Sat, Apr 16 5:34 AM robomusic review of It's Not a Game by unreal_dm
What a beautiful production, professional level!
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