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Reviews left by kulimu

Wed, Jun 18 12:32 PM kulimu review of The Silence is Deafening by Doghouse Riley
I can feel an Editor's Pick coming... The production is simply mind-bogg...
Wed, Jun 18 12:07 PM kulimu review of Pray by maajonic
I only used the vocal improvisation in my mix. But the song is great as well. Ho...
Tue, Jun 17 7:53 AM kulimu review of Q - NASA - DjiZ Remix by Kwame
hot it is!
Tue, Jun 17 7:50 AM kulimu review of Didn't he do well!! by radiotimes
I like this! The drum sounds are original given the rest of the song, but the...
Tue, Jun 17 7:33 AM kulimu review of We are in Love by ScOmBer
Nice one. In fact I kind of like the artifacts that the Melodyne editing add...
Mon, Jun 16 2:23 PM kulimu review of Aflame by Dominique Cyprès
Sorry for destroying this nice sample in my mix! But it was fun :)
Mon, Jun 16 2:21 PM kulimu review of Set My Soul Aflame by Dominique Cyprès
Some very trippy parts in here! I love the "randomness/harmony" interaction, if ...
Thu, Jun 12 4:51 AM kulimu review of U NO (Remix)LrFist by Droid
Lovely construction. Great track!
Thu, Jun 12 4:42 AM kulimu review of Deep ( Electro-clash mix) by Droid
I absolutely adore this mix! I'm definitely downloading this so thanks for sh...
Mon, Jun 2 5:16 PM kulimu review of Silence (DNB) by rifft
An original blend between deep house and dnb. The result is lovely
Mon, Jun 2 5:11 PM kulimu review of Come back to me (our house) by rifft
A great house mix that's just begging for better syncing in some places. As a...
Mon, Jun 2 5:05 PM kulimu review of Lies (dubmix) by rifft
Amazing! I love the vibe, and also the sounds you use. The voices fit very we...
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