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Fri, May 27 3:33 AM kulimu review of SUMMER LOVE by Bocrew
love it! especially those little piano notes :) And it's a perfect match for ...
Fri, Apr 16 4:59 PM kulimu review of A TRIBUTE TO MAKKROSS by Bocrew
Great As always, I love the distinctive BOCrew feel of the track.
Fri, Apr 16 4:54 PM kulimu review of blood is thicker (so clearly remix) by plurgid
Beautifull. I love the drums as well
Tue, Nov 10 6:41 PM kulimu review of The Strange Orange Project Intro by Bocrew
Haven't been on CCmixter for a while, and I see I've been missing some gorgeous ...
Mon, Oct 13 2:51 PM kulimu review of New Life Vox by anjibee
Lovely! Great voice, great text, great recording. I'm afraid my partial remix...
Sat, Aug 30 9:45 AM kulimu review of 2025 by DoKashiteru
An awesome piece of playful electronic music. Very nice work! Now I'm gonna g...
Fri, Aug 29 2:31 PM kulimu review of I Don't Want Luv (Frankie's House Mix) by KCentric
I kinda think simplicity is the beauty of deep house. This is spot on
Fri, Aug 29 2:24 PM kulimu review of All Mine by jaspertine
I've just listened to this very loud and I have to say it was quite an experienc...
Fri, Aug 29 2:20 PM kulimu review of Smooth Theme by teru
Can't get enough of this. An absolute smoothness delicacy!
Fri, Aug 29 2:18 PM kulimu review of The Stalker by radiotimes
Beautiful music Made me all sad though...
Fri, Aug 29 2:14 PM kulimu review of Jealousy (4nsix mix) by MF Vicious
Wow! A crazy idea but you completely pulled it off! Is this called rapcore or...
Wed, Aug 13 3:51 PM kulimu review of Hornet by George_Ellinas
Thup di Thup di Thup di Thup di... Lovely oldschool trance! The production is...
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