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Reviews left by kulimu

Wed, Aug 13 11:09 AM kulimu review of Skylight (Where I stand) by Morusque
Love it!
Wed, Aug 13 11:07 AM kulimu review of Parasites intestinaux by Morusque
Cool sounds and concept! I'm impressed by how precise and clinical it actually t...
Mon, Jul 14 10:28 AM kulimu review of Robot Girlfriend by killersweetheart
Lovely experiment! I love the robot feeling you convey here. It's a strange but ...
Sat, Jul 12 2:13 PM kulimu review of YESTERDAY / N°1 by Bocrew
Wow Beautifully smooth, and a very unique sound as always!
Sat, Jul 12 2:08 PM kulimu review of 2am (take two)-overloadbrake by Bocrew
Love this! You crafted a magnificient soundscape with all the typical BOCrew sou...
Sun, Jun 22 3:30 AM kulimu review of Till My I & Eyes Die by Loveshadow
Very impressive. I wouldn't have thought of that combination but it just work pe...
Sun, Jun 22 3:26 AM kulimu review of Indian(mix) by Droid
Great work! I love the bass and the main synth.
Sat, Jun 21 4:02 AM kulimu review of Autumn Thoughts by Subliminal
The voice kind of shocked me for the first few seconds, but this is really quite...
Sat, Jun 21 3:57 AM kulimu review of 2:30 AM: The Old Asylum by duckett
I don't like horror movies, and I must say I didn't like your mix at all! :) ...
Sat, Jun 21 3:54 AM kulimu review of Pricked by AT
Lovely. It's the perfect backing for those two voices.
Sat, Jun 21 3:47 AM kulimu review of IQ_versus_Old_School by TheJoe
This is awesome Very convincing old school sound, and it fits perfectly with...
Wed, Jun 18 12:40 PM kulimu review of Thief?! by Abhi S.V.
Cool beat! The snare has a slightly anoying frequency on my speakers though.....
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