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Reviews left by kulimu

Fri, Jun 8 4:14 AM kulimu review of Dakar to Paris To NY to Detroit by Bocrew
Incredible feeling! I love the combination of that awesome bass with the crazy w...
Fri, Jun 8 1:35 AM kulimu review of Crazy Love-The Alex & Lang mix by J.Lang
Awesome mix! What more can I say?
Thu, Jun 7 4:18 PM kulimu review of Close My Eyes by oldDog
The poem is definitely very touching with your music to emphasize it. In fact, I...
Thu, Jun 7 4:01 PM kulimu review of So Beautiful RMX by sgrunt
Wow! I was listening to all your remixes sgrunt, and it's definitely very va...
Thu, Jun 7 3:38 PM kulimu review of Crazy Love (Drum'n'bass RMX) by sgrunt
Very good idea! This is original and definitely has potential. One thing you...
Thu, Jun 7 3:14 PM kulimu review of May - bit c mix by Darkroom
It is gorgeous trip-hop, that's what it is!
Thu, Jun 7 3:02 PM kulimu review of MADRUGADA (slow bicycle remix) by slow bicycle
Really nice atmosphere you manage to convey here. I love it!
Sat, Jun 2 12:13 PM kulimu review of Male Vocal Drones (Dreampop Mix) by Patient99
I love the vocals posted by Ztutz as well. I expected they would be used in some...
Sat, Jun 2 2:40 AM kulimu review of Ethos de Costa by DJ BLUE
I love this track. The beat and the voice together are absolutely lovely! I'm...
Fri, Jun 1 7:34 AM kulimu review of Daï & Lery - j'te parle (A Cappella) by Kwame
you ARE a good MC! I love your delivery. It's true the other MC is really goo...
Fri, Jun 1 5:06 AM kulimu review of Open your eyes- Long Island Remix by CoffeeTrim
What a beat! Awesome scratching as well...
Fri, Jun 1 5:00 AM kulimu review of Konan - Twisted Up by Dafcok
The bouncy bassline is amazing! Please post more stuff!
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