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Sun, Mar 24 5:08 PM SoboSystem review of Kalte Ohren (Cold Ears) Stem pack by starfrosch
I love this song so much. Can't wait to see if I am brave enough to attempt to r...
Fri, Mar 8 4:54 PM SoboSystem review of A New System DNB by Stab
Sat, Feb 23 5:00 AM SoboSystem review of Make America Trip Again by septahelix
I would have rec's for the title alone, but I like all the sounds and the way th...
Sat, Feb 23 4:59 AM SoboSystem review of positive idea by musicpoint
Sounds like the generic backing track you can find anywhere. Not really in the s...
Sun, Feb 3 6:08 AM SoboSystem review of Living in the Future Now by Mr_Yesterday
This is great. Theremin rocks. Satire! However Ed picks work, this should be ...
Thu, Jan 31 2:32 PM SoboSystem review of UnBlued by Speck
Man, I love your stuff.
Thu, Jan 31 12:02 PM SoboSystem review of we share by Stefan Kartenberg
This is excellent. Driving and motivating. Not 100% why it popped up when search...
Thu, Jan 31 10:37 AM SoboSystem review of Two Crows by texasradiofish
So smooth. And gritty. And slinky.
Wed, Jan 30 3:48 AM SoboSystem review of FLIP by phildann
This is great. It has a String Cheese Incident vibe.
Tue, Jan 29 10:28 AM SoboSystem review of Wall of Sound by Apoxode
OMG This is so great! Very crisp and nostalgic for me. Cheers!
Fri, Jan 25 6:57 AM SoboSystem review of Dïpdapd✺ah B✺mbala by ShifterPro🎧
You might want to give Fluffy the credit for Gabbagab, too, since that is where ...
Wed, Jan 23 1:21 PM SoboSystem review of Arco C by The Alsajo Project
Kinda dusty and dreamy. Do you have the track without drums?
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