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Wed, Jan 27 4:01 PM oberonskye review of Dear Vita by Anchor
Good to hear you again. This is beautiful, Your musical textures create a movi...
Mon, Jun 8 6:15 AM oberonskye review of The Garden by Victoria Melfi
Beautiful song and beautiful voice!
Sun, Nov 24 5:07 AM oberonskye review of Endure by Anchor
Deeply moving. My new favorite song. I do recommend.
Sun, Nov 15 6:52 AM oberonskye review of White In The Moon by Anchor
What a beautiful journey, where did I go? Transporting as music should be.
Sun, Nov 15 6:44 AM oberonskye review of Saint Martins Lane by ScOmBer
Excellent. I heard the poem in a completely new way. Highly seductive, pulled...
Fri, Oct 30 3:02 PM oberonskye review of Lady Margret (Ghost Reggae Mix) by Anchor
Creepy and haunting. Surprised Vincent Price never made a movie of this! Great...
Sun, Sep 6 11:00 AM oberonskye review of Calling, I'm Calling by Calling Sister Midnight
Wow! A sensual delight that rocked my inner world. Enjoyed this immensely. Smil...
Mon, Jul 27 11:01 AM oberonskye review of Trust by Anchor
Unmistakably Anchor, haunting and wonderfully atmospheric. A lyrical trip for t...
Thu, Apr 24 7:14 AM oberonskye review of Close to Mike jazz mix (ft. oldDog) by CiggiBurns
I can see the weeping glass of scotch next to the burning cigarette in the ashtr...
Fri, Apr 11 2:22 PM oberonskye review of Paradise Lost ( or The John Milton Question) by Anchor
Good to hear your resonance again. The wit remains!
Thu, Nov 7 5:10 AM oberonskye review of The Girl I Left Behind by Shelflife
Wonderful achievement. A great use of some terrific talents. Thanks for includ...
Tue, Oct 2 6:09 AM oberonskye review of Joy (of Being) by Anchor
Beautiful and deeply moving. Thank you for sharing your soul so generously.
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