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uploaded: Mon, Jul 27, 2015 @ 10:42 AM
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One of the first offerings I ever made for CCmixter is the lyrics and vocal for an original song “Trust”. It was mixed dramatically by A-T. Yet there is another vocal treatment for the song that was not used and which I always liked. Remixed here in slightly different arrangement. Field recording of choral practice in St. Gervais, Paris added and also some bells. Plus I get to belt out the finale notes, something I always love to do!


Walking by St. Gervais’
Bells would ring
Along the way
Waiting ‘neath that Gothic arch
You arrive from the park…

Rising up
To antique beams
Choral chants
As if from dreams…

Holy voices
Weave a song
Kept with me
The whole night long…

A song and poem
Both framing you
In my minds eye
In my heart too…

Love extends
Both fore and aft
And keeps us ever
On the path
Whether we toss all away
Or keep it for a rainy day…

And if the saints
Abandon us
That love would link
A chain of trust…Trust Trust Trust! [/b]
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by Anchor

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Editorial pick

This theatrical, orchestral remix featuring samples from AT and the always powerful, stunning vocals of Anchor will whisk you away… The build, dynamics, and creative choral additions seal the deal.

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