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Sat, May 22 6:29 AM oberonskye review of Blue Boy by Geert Veneklaas
Just heard this in AnchorMejans' podcast. Lovely strings, (heartstrings?) for a...
Sat, May 22 6:21 AM oberonskye review of Give Me Some Words a cappella by CiggiBurns
Dear Ms CiggiBurns- Just heard this in Anchor's podcast with St. Paul. Truly wo...
Mon, May 17 6:53 AM oberonskye review of Gulf by gurdonark
I can't think of a better use of my words. I live in St. Petersburg and wake up...
Fri, May 7 6:42 PM oberonskye review of Last Of England (Radiotimes Tribute) by Anchor
First I have to thank Anchor for the poignant lyrics and for getting me involved...
Tue, May 4 6:30 AM oberonskye review of Angel by Anchor
Beautiful, haunting lyrics. Mesmerising and lovely , seductive, music. Somethi...
Thu, Apr 29 10:58 AM oberonskye review of The Vertigo Years by Briareus
Quite the energetic music one feels in the bustle of London. Thanks for taking ...
Wed, Apr 28 1:47 PM oberonskye review of Anya by Briareus
a sensitive poem meriting musical attention. Well done. Thanks for including m...
Sun, Mar 21 8:30 AM oberonskye review of Reverie (with Anchor Mejans) by Mana Junkie
Inspired background music for this egnimatic and beautiful poem. Thank you.
Sun, Mar 21 8:28 AM oberonskye review of Reverie by Anchor
And who said Yeats is dead? Beautiful and mystic. Thank you.
Sun, Mar 21 8:25 AM oberonskye review of Like A Flock Of Birds In Flight by onlymeith
Elegant and beautiful. I bow before all these masters. Thank you.
Sun, Mar 21 8:15 AM oberonskye review of SAFE by CiggiBurns
movingly insightful and sensitive. Once heard, a haunting echo. Thank you.
Sat, Mar 20 5:49 PM oberonskye review of Social Invitations by Anchor
It's is as much fun as I remember. Ecellent execution. Great for me to watch i...
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