Reviews left by chola

Wed, Jun 6 12:02 PM chola review of Yage Cameras (cinematrik's fractured rework) by cinematrik
Absolutely Gorgeous!
Wed, Jun 6 11:34 AM chola review of Treal hip hop by grapes
Excellent! I will play this on my podcast this month and link back to you!
Mon, Mar 26 11:57 AM chola review of Hip Hop For Dummies-SUCKER FREE MIX by J.Lang
Great Track, I played this on my March podcast... ...
Wed, Mar 7 8:54 PM chola review of Ana (cinematrik's smooth dub) by cinematrik
All I can say is WOW! This has got hit written all over it. I could see this bei...
Wed, Mar 7 8:49 AM chola review of Whatever Ana by Nitropox@CCmixter
This is REALLY good. Very progressive sounding. I will definitely play this in m...
Tue, Mar 6 3:04 PM chola review of Going South by HC-7
Great sample. It inspired me to produce an Ana remix
Sun, Mar 4 5:01 PM chola review of Ana (Captain Planet Remix) by captainplanet
I love the beats and bassline on this! It got my butt movin'. :)
Fri, Feb 23 9:15 AM chola review of So Official - The Official Bootleg remix by J.Lang
This is really cool, I will definitely play it in my mix sets. Very creative use...
Wed, Feb 21 10:34 AM chola review of ditto ditto by ditto ditto
This is very good! By far one of the best submitted so far.
Wed, Feb 21 10:28 AM chola review of Ana Ona by minimal_art
Very Cool stuff!
Wed, Feb 14 8:46 AM chola review of Break Bells (Ambient Mix) by Spuukz
Hey thanks for using my sample. It is neat to hear another take on it. Cool stuf...