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Tue, May 24 10:56 AM admin review of Yellow and Blue (feat Snowflake) by Patronski
this was sent to us for this track: Hi there! My name is Daryna, I am Ukraini...
Sat, Sep 12 4:45 PM admin review of Broadway by Zep Hurme
sexy, swanky, funky and smooth.
Wed, Jul 2 10:00 AM admin review of Throw Your Dueces Up by Alex
put your hands up!!
Tue, Jan 1 3:31 PM admin review of Ballad of Wiki by teru
haha - stuff like this makes me feel like an old man sitting around the BART sta...
Wed, Jun 6 11:17 AM admin review of Que Pena soulful house remix by Zoulactive
this really is great. you should re-submit it now that the contest is open, o...
Wed, Jun 6 10:27 AM admin review of Celebrity.. by bombero
hey bombero, You are a very good remixer. You make beats that everybody loves...
Mon, Sep 11 7:29 PM admin review of Lament of the Irish Immigrant by Briareus
I haven't heard the original, but drenching the track in delay fx makes it all t...
Thu, Aug 18 9:34 AM admin review of Up Until Now-teru-remix by teru
(dude Average White Band)
Wed, Aug 17 3:45 PM admin review of Male vocal drones by ztutz
these are spine tingling amazing
Wed, Aug 17 12:16 PM admin review of Sweet Thing by Matt Llamas a.k.a ManAce
you'r uploads are cool, but your chances of getting remixed will increase by abo...
Wed, Aug 10 7:56 AM admin review of Below by Lisa DeBenedictis (WeirdWired Mix) by TheB.
Sorry, did I missused it? If it's a marker only for the contest, I can remove i...
Fri, Jul 22 10:25 AM admin review of A little cuckoo in the hood mix by J.Lang
giving this one another listen and really liking it. There's a real and subtl...
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