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Reviews left by Aamu

Sun, Nov 7 1:42 PM Aamu review of Snow Leopard Low (Part 3) by Numbernaut
I love how you made all the other samples match the quite complex shuffles of sh...
Tue, Jun 22 12:07 PM Aamu review of glitch hapi by Speck
Sun, Jun 20 2:59 PM Aamu review of Strange Contemplations by PorchCat
What a strange cake did you bake!
Sun, Jun 20 2:53 PM Aamu review of Get It Right by Carosone
Very much like my general approach to my remix sources: twist something new out ...
Sun, Mar 21 8:53 AM Aamu review of Secret_hop_for_Aamu by wellman
Oh yes I'm smiling :) It's always a pleasure to see music used in a very diff...
Sun, Nov 15 2:41 PM Aamu review of i dropped the song, and it shattered by artemisstrong
You made me hold my breath with the vocals, and then totally took my breath away...
Sun, Nov 15 9:18 AM Aamu review of Angry Ophelia's Song by Donnie Drost
Things always get a bit complicated when you add 3/4 vox to 4/4 beat. I think yo...
Wed, Nov 4 5:26 PM Aamu review of On Earth (secret mix) by cdk
A good remix of a remix is always something that I love to hear. I love this one...
Wed, Nov 4 4:33 PM Aamu review of brown&gold by airtone
You've really got the thing! This is sooo groovy.
Wed, Nov 4 4:31 PM Aamu review of Splice, Cut, Slice by teru
Totally love this!
Thu, Aug 27 11:50 PM Aamu review of tHE bUTTERFLY'S chIRP by +++ A.M. mews by MommaLuv +++
Nice, minimalistic and trippy. for me it just needed all hell to break loose...
Sat, Nov 10 12:56 PM Aamu review of All Hallows' Eve by gurdonark
Nice work! I really had hard time trying to find the seeds to the sounds. You fo...
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