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All Hallows' Eve
by gurdonark
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Fri, Nov 9, 2007 @ 10:19 PM

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permalink   Sat, Nov 10, 2007 @ 10:01 AM
This is one of the most spooky secret mixter entries. Get on the slow motion dancefloor with DJ Gurdon Ark, this dancefloor is a tomb :o
permalink   gurdonark Sat, Nov 10, 2007 @ 1:08 PM
I prefer beatless to beats, but there is something to be said for pacing so slow that the zombies can comfortably dance. :)
permalink   Sat, Nov 10, 2007 @ 10:56 AM
Yeah this is very scary. I wish i had this track on halloween night. I would have scared every kid in my neighborhood to death.
This would really be good for any scary movie, freddy jason, The Saw Movies. any of them. Great work G.
permalink   gurdonark Sat, Nov 10, 2007 @ 1:09 PM
I had it ready by Halloween, and wanted to post it then, but I didn’t want to skip ahead.

My dream would be for someone to take this as a youtube soundtrack for something appropriately spooky. Who knows—maybe I’ll be that youtube someone.
permalink   Sat, Nov 10, 2007 @ 11:57 AM
Well I must say you have an imagination with words and a way with laying down sounds to create pictures. another creative file of yours. nice
permalink   gurdonark Sat, Nov 10, 2007 @ 1:10 PM
I’m grateful for that praise, and in particular because I always find you to be someone who takes a fresh approach—something I value in musical things.
permalink   Sat, Nov 10, 2007 @ 12:56 PM
Nice work! I really had hard time trying to find the seeds to the sounds. You forced me to listen to my own mixes (which I should do more often).

I really love the way you treated my work. I wish this is the way I would be sampled in the future, too, as dark ambient is very close to my heart. The soundscape is pretty hounting, and I can imagine this in a scary film or game soundtrack.

All hail to Lisa DeBenedictis, and her beautiful voice. This mix would be quite different without the woe from b/Below.
permalink   gurdonark Sat, Nov 10, 2007 @ 1:06 PM
I had always loved your mixes before, but I did not realize until I “drilled down” into them how much we love the same types of music. My original intention was to use a series of samples as synth envelopes, and do something a bit more melodic and chill. But then I thought that you have so many eerie sections that it might be fun to do a more traditional “samples mix” instead.

I am a huge Lisa fan. I was listening to “Tigers” on my mp3 player this week, and hoping that the day comes when she’s got the time to generate more great material.

My mix is not really worthy of your material. I certainly enjoyed doing it, though, and I’m glad you enjoyed the approach, too.

I attributed every mix I could remember using among the five or six of your pieces I started from, but I’m concerned I may have missed one. Now that I think of that, I’ll go back and listen to them all, and see if I can find all the seeds, myself :)
ditto ditto
permalink   Sun, Nov 11, 2007 @ 4:53 AM
Well, you couldn’t miss this “rendez-vous”, of the secret remix. This one is maybe the most “Halloween’esque” by far.
In the real life of everyday, i’m painter (just decorative painter) but i’ve to have a look to the work of the “artists painter”, cause it’s a great souce of bright idea for my job. I think that we can compare easely the painting with the music: structure, colors, harmony, ..etc. The method stays the same and then a song makes you think to a painting and vice versa. Your remix makes me really think to the work of “Jerome Bosch”…dark and anguished univers. Great sentations..!
permalink   gurdonark Tue, Nov 13, 2007 @ 7:04 PM
Thank you so much for a kind review. To put into music a Bosch moment would be a goal I wish I could achieve.
permalink   Tue, Nov 13, 2007 @ 3:15 AM
Darth Vader checks out his faulty light saber in the bathroom on a slow moving train :-)
permalink   gurdonark Tue, Nov 13, 2007 @ 7:03 PM
That’s great! :)

Blade Jogger might work, too.
Da Rippa
permalink   Sat, Dec 22, 2007 @ 1:34 AM
This is tight. A real mood swinger. I like the choir, you can really picture a killer stalking. lol lol Nice work!!!