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Reviews left by Aamu

Tue, Sep 13 2:31 AM Aamu review of I'll Tell You What You Need by Djaii (as "Kyro")
Great track.
Tue, Sep 13 2:26 AM Aamu review of Quest by oscarx
Sweet! Is there any change you could upload single tracks, especially vocals and...
Mon, Sep 12 11:42 PM Aamu review of More Than 2 Sides (accapella) by Colin Mutchler
Oh. Just found the next project.
Mon, Sep 12 10:12 PM Aamu review of Be Brave (Dub-TripHop RMX) by Antony Raijekov
Oh, this is perfect.
Sun, Sep 11 10:16 PM Aamu review of Girl and Supergirl(Moon Mix) by teru
I also love Antony Raijekov's pianos, and try to use them, too. The problem with...
Sat, Sep 10 7:18 AM Aamu review of XParaMental by TheNivekianKonsolate
Usable. I wonder if there is some subtle variation that I cannot hear, or was...
Fri, Sep 9 4:08 AM Aamu review of Move Faster by EdShift
Friday afternoon at work and I find myself nodding to this... Great stuff.
Wed, Sep 7 10:18 PM Aamu review of Human Rhythms Volume 1 by Ran Dumb Dots...... .. .
You made me smile :)
Wed, Sep 7 7:47 PM Aamu review of tHA smOKe oUT neVER eNDS by thickDIGITAL
Nice. Like playing on Amiga again.
Wed, Sep 7 7:45 AM Aamu review of Phoenix by shockshadow
I have this bias for long tracks that they must be repetative and dull. So, list...
Mon, Aug 29 5:51 AM Aamu review of 01 by morphine
Me too. This one really begs for sampling.
Mon, Aug 29 5:50 AM Aamu review of 02 by morphine
Another nice, reusable piece by morphine.
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