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Reviews left by Tenny

Sun, Oct 3 6:53 PM Tenny review of Oh Dear Mr Williams - Tango ? by unreal_dm
I am in awe of your talent! This is just so moving!!!!
Fri, Jul 16 10:30 PM Tenny review of Gifted by Hans Atom
I don't know how I never heard this until today, but this is pure gold!! rocking...
Tue, Jul 6 8:58 PM Tenny review of you for uh.... ? by grapes
This is off the hook good!! Wow, I keep hitting play over and over... lovely!!!
Sat, Jul 3 9:39 PM Tenny review of Meditacion al Paso by Emsu_Haja
This is totally delicious!
Sat, Jul 3 9:37 PM Tenny review of The Sale is Over by ScOmBer
Scomber, I must say this is just an awesome song!!!! Probably one of my favorite...
Tue, Jun 29 6:16 PM Tenny review of Bittersweet 16 (The Breakup) by i2b
Hey i2, conceptually I like what you did here. I also liked some of your vox eff...
Sat, Jun 26 11:16 PM Tenny review of moreWater by airtone
Such a subtly sophisticated arrangement! I am blown away
Wed, Jun 23 7:53 PM Tenny review of The Crime (secret style) by FORENSIC
wow, I didn't expect that. Totally wicked!
Mon, Jun 21 8:05 PM Tenny review of making worlds (from Rio to Mississippi) by gmz
gmz this is freakin good... like really freakin good. I hope you don't mind the ...
Mon, Jun 21 1:11 PM Tenny review of Bitter 16 by ThirteenthMonkey
ThirteenthMonkey, thanks for the remix! I very much appreciate the effort you ap...
Sun, Jun 20 7:56 AM Tenny review of Treading Water (onlymeith mix) by spinningmerkaba
Wow! This is super good! I have been listening to songs all morning while doing ...
Sun, Jun 20 7:51 AM Tenny review of tellsome.body by El.ector
Acoustic glitch dreaminess... me likey!!!
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