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Reviews left by Tenny

Sat, Nov 14 9:56 PM Tenny review of The White Cube by ditto ditto
I am enjoying this a ton! Very playful approach while still very carefully spotl...
Sat, Nov 14 9:33 PM Tenny review of And Then We Take Them Down Again by DoKashiteru
Wow! Amazing to see how you made this a happy fun time song. I am smiling ear to...
Sat, Nov 14 9:15 PM Tenny review of In TH!S $pAcE [ ? ] by Loveshadow
Love the way you create something totally new and unique with the vocal elements...
Sat, Nov 14 9:05 PM Tenny review of Darkness Explodes by morgantj
Travis, I like everything about this...I love the modified chorus you helped cre...
Fri, Nov 13 9:54 AM Tenny review of white cube (watching ideas hang) by Speck
Premium glitch!! Love how it accompanies the vocal selections you added. Very ni...
Thu, Nov 12 8:28 PM Tenny review of The White Cube(OrcaMix) by error404
nice remix, very interesting approach!
Thu, Nov 12 8:25 PM Tenny review of The White Cube - PELUSA by HEKTOR THILLET (coffeeeurope)
Love the mix, love the story, love the emotion. Seriously awesome addition to an...
Thu, Nov 12 8:17 AM Tenny review of we start by oldDog
I like this a lot! It has a raw edginess while maintaining a certain innocence.
Thu, Nov 12 5:23 AM Tenny review of Whitecube - Oh Lord by Niemandsland
effortlessly beautiful!
Thu, Nov 12 5:03 AM Tenny review of There's a way (the buttaknife arrangement) by shagrugge
very well constructed! You brought a fresh and new sound to some popular pellas....
Thu, Nov 12 4:43 AM Tenny review of Szerelem Szerelem (Love remix) by duckett
Hey Duckett, I hadn't actually heard this remix until you referenced it in your ...
Wed, Nov 11 6:05 PM Tenny review of White Cube - The Light by Alex
I agree with both SackJo and Colab this is excellent!!
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