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Reviews left by Tenny

Fri, Dec 4 8:44 PM Tenny review of White Out (Shade of the Moon Mix) by SackJo22
So I was doing my normal "play all" thing while working on some things and stopp...
Fri, Dec 4 8:35 PM Tenny review of something by airtone
I don't know what else to say, beside this is tight! WOW!
Fri, Dec 4 8:31 PM Tenny review of Guideline by 0blivi0us
Wow this track caused major rave bopping flashbacks for me...frikkin love it!!!
Thu, Dec 3 6:09 PM Tenny review of to late by marcinn
Wow this has an awesome 80's electro power rock feel!! Lovin this... Well constr...
Thu, Dec 3 6:00 PM Tenny review of I know by ScOmBer
HECK YA! This is some tight stuff!
Thu, Nov 19 8:51 PM Tenny review of The WhiteBeat by wellman
very smooth wellman! Your backtrack just hugs the vocal super nicely!
Thu, Nov 19 8:47 PM Tenny review of Lazarus (Act 1 + 2) by Internal Faith Relation
Damn this is some raw s#!t...very nice build up!
Thu, Nov 19 8:40 PM Tenny review of Arrive, Dreams, Arrive. by Kaer Trouz
I love it I love it I love it!!!
Sun, Nov 15 8:22 PM Tenny review of December 2009 by onlymeith
This is suspenseful beauty!! I am awed by the incredible minimalistic orchestrat...
Sun, Nov 15 7:54 PM Tenny review of Silent Night by MC Jack in the Box
You'll get no Bah humbug from me on this one! You had to go and put a smile on m...
Sun, Nov 15 8:49 AM Tenny review of i dropped the song, and it shattered by artemisstrong
excellent buildup throughout the song. I agree with SackJo22, you create a very ...
Sat, Nov 14 10:02 PM Tenny review of sometimes by airtone
Airtone I cannot even begin to express how much I love this! Totally perfect vib...
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