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Bittersweet 16 (The Breakup)

uploaded: Mon, Jun 28, 2010 @ 10:02 PM last modified: Tue, Jun 29, 2010 @ 11:11 PM  (add)
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I liked the chant-like feeling of ThirteenthMonkey’s Mix and wanted to play around with it some. This rhythmically direction-less track incorporates some chopped and pitch’d Kaer Trouz samples (the original is a very enjoyable jazzy tune…sorry for taking it so far out of context!).

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Contents of ZIP Archive: Renoise File

  • /Song.xml (4.03MB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument00 (pad)/Sample00 (pad).flac (370.51KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument01 (Eradan_-_Bitter_16)/Sample00 (Eradan_-_Bitter_16).flac (7.24MB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument02 (Tenny_-_Sweet_16)/Sample00 (Tenny_-_Sweet_16).flac (1.02MB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument03 (Round1)/Sample00 (New Sample 01).flac (598.48KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument04 (Round2)/Sample00 (New Sample 02).flac (689.85KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument05 (Round3)/Sample00 (New Sample 03).flac (1.04MB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument08 (New Sample 04)/Sample00 (New Sample 04).flac (487.87KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument09 (ds_brush_snare)/Sample00 (ds_brush_snare).flac (69.38KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument09 (ds_brush_snare)/Sample01 (ds_brush_snare_dry).flac (27.54KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument09 (ds_brush_snare)/Sample02 (ds_china).flac (304.99KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument09 (ds_brush_snare)/Sample03 (ds_cross_stick_rim).flac (26.91KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument09 (ds_brush_snare)/Sample04 (ds_kick_big_low).flac (104.44KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument09 (ds_brush_snare)/Sample05 (ds_kick_dry_click).flac (15.68KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument09 (ds_brush_snare)/Sample06 (ds_kick_dry_wood_beater).flac (54.21KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument09 (ds_brush_snare)/Sample07 (ds_kick_thunder).flac (73.82KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument09 (ds_brush_snare)/Sample08 (ds_loose_skin_mute).flac (38.24KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument09 (ds_brush_snare)/Sample09 (ds_snare_tight_comp).flac (57.99KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument09 (ds_brush_snare)/Sample10 (ds_doumbek_slap).flac (63.72KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument09 (ds_brush_snare)/Sample11 (ds_kick_big_amb).flac (72.08KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument11 (New Sample 05)/Sample00 (New Sample 05).flac (498.77KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument12 (New Sample 06)/Sample00 (New Sample 06).flac (530.49KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument13 (Magic_Moon_-_kick_drums_-_Target_(go_believe))/Sample00 (Magic_Moon_-_kick_drums_-_Target_(go_believe)).flac (17.71KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument14 (New Sample 07)/Sample00 (New Sample 07).flac (500.37KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument16 (Kaer_Trouz_-_Goodbye_December_A_Cappella)/Sample00 (Kaer_Trouz_-_Goodbye_December_A_Cappella).flac (5.27MB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument17 (New Sample 08)/Sample00 (New Sample 08).flac (1.51MB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument18 (New Sample 09)/Sample00 (New Sample 09).flac (501.75KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument19 (New Sample 10)/Sample00 (New Sample 10).flac (768.27KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument20 (New Sample 11)/Sample00 (New Sample 11).flac (220.69KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument21 (New Sample 12)/Sample00 (New Sample 12).flac (337.11KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument22 (New Sample 13)/Sample00 (New Sample 13).flac (177.11KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument24 (ds_china)/Sample00 (ds_china).flac (304.99KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument25 (kitReal)/Sample00 (studio_bassdrum3).flac (12.57KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument25 (kitReal)/Sample01 (studio_snare1_laut).flac (21.26KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument25 (kitReal)/Sample02 (studio_snare2_leise).flac (22.13KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument25 (kitReal)/Sample03 (studio_snare3_leise).flac (27.97KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument25 (kitReal)/Sample04 (hihat_closed).flac (17.08KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument25 (kitReal)/Sample05 (hihat_foot).flac (22.34KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument25 (kitReal)/Sample06 (hihat_open).flac (94.92KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument25 (kitReal)/Sample07 (cymbal2).flac (124.98KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument25 (kitReal)/Sample08 (tom_low).flac (53.14KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument25 (kitReal)/Sample09 (tom_med_low).flac (46.56KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument25 (kitReal)/Sample10 (tom_high).flac (30.75KB)
  • /SampleData/Instrument26 (110BPM Pacifier)/Sample00 (110BPM Pacifier).flac (203.03KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: VSTs

  • /CloneEnsembleV42.dll (1.67MB)
  • /DecaBuddy.dll (2.55MB)
  • /GSnap.dll (317.50KB)
  • /PitchRight.dll (864.00KB)
  • /Triangle II.dll (4.12MB)
  • /Junglist.dll (384.00KB)

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"Bittersweet 16 (The Breakup)"
by i2b

2010 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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