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Wed, Apr 19 1:08 PM Mr. Pepino review of PIGEON FUNK by Ant.Survila
Great! You must have some very funky & wiggly pigeons in London ;)
Wed, Apr 19 12:58 PM Mr. Pepino review of improv 2,9,2023 by Speck
Wonderfully strange! Sounds like a transmission from some weird planet somewhere...
Wed, Apr 19 12:45 PM Mr. Pepino review of If You're Not There With Me! [STEMS] by Wiseman
Good one! Very funky and well produced! I like the structure and how it changes ...
Fri, Apr 7 5:29 AM Mr. Pepino review of Eigengrau #16161D by Siobhan Dakay
Good one! I am also very interested in this phenomenon. I see a lot of visual s...
Sun, May 9 1:16 PM Mr. Pepino review of Deep Whale Adagio (ambient) by Speck
Good one! The song shows the total "otherness" of whale communication. Feels out...
FUNKY VIBES! Love how you switch the different styles, good work!
Wed, Dec 23 5:25 AM Mr. Pepino review of Straight to the Light by Whitewolf
Good one! Snowflake is right, ballads suit you! The song has a really good stru...
Tue, Dec 22 9:08 AM Mr. Pepino review of Stirring My Emotions by Radioontheshelf
Very intense! I like how you modulated Karas voice. Your sound design reminds me...
Tue, Dec 22 8:54 AM Mr. Pepino review of Joy to the World by texasradiofish
Nice one! I can see in my imagination the gramophone playing a shellac record!
Sun, Dec 20 8:34 AM Mr. Pepino review of Everyone's An Expert by Radioontheshelf
Good one! Nice to hear some non-panic lyrics about the current situation. Every...
Sun, Dec 20 8:23 AM Mr. Pepino review of Christmas Next Year by Stefan Kartenberg
thumbs up! a good production in every way!
Sun, Dec 20 8:18 AM Mr. Pepino review of Midwinter (Chillout Mix) by Whitewolf
A very relaxing and cool sound, works good as chillout music!
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