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improv 2,9,2023

uploaded: Sun, Apr 16, 2023 @ 5:22 AM last modified: Sun, Apr 16, 2023 @ 5:24 AM  (add)
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I did this improv piece shortly after rewatching (hadn’t seen it in a long while) the 1974 film, Space Is The Place. Blaxploitation, sexploitation and Sun Ra concert footage all mixed up together. Weird, weird film. (With a separatist message.)

Might be some worthwhile nuggets in there.

Contents of ZIP Archive: bass and organ

  • /organ 01 100bpm.flac (7.68MB)
  • /organ 02 100bpm.flac (10.07MB)
  • /bass 01 Organtic 100bpm.flac (9.81MB)
  • /bass 02 Short But Not Plucky 100bpm.flac (6.62MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: drums

  • /drums 01 100bpm.flac (21.38MB)
  • /drums 02 kick 100bpm.flac (7.50MB)
  • /drums 03 cymbals 100bpm.flac (17.65MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: pianos

  • /piano 01 Upright Noir 100bpm.flac (11.84MB)
  • /piano 01 Vibrano 100bpm.flac (12.60MB)

"improv 2,9,2023"
by Speck

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