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Eigengrau #16161D

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bySiobhan Dakay
FeaturingMartin Cee
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Thanks, Martin Cee for the Tinnitus sound of his guitar and the backwards played percussion in leg-a-cee.

Eigengrau, German for “intrinsic gray, also called Eigenlicht, dark light, or brain gray, is the uniform dark gray background color that people seeing in the absence of light. Eigengrau is the color you see in total darkness.

The term Eigenlicht dates back to the nineteenth century, but has rarely been used in recent scientific publications.

Common scientific terms for the phenomenon include “visual noise” or “background adaptation”.

These terms arise due to the perception of an ever-changing field of tiny black and white dots seen in the phenomenon.

Eigengrau is perceived as lighter than a black object in normal lighting conditions, because contrast is more important to the visual system than absolute brightness.

For example, the night sky looks darker than Eigengrau because of the contrast provided by the stars.

The color code of Eigengrau is #16161D

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"Eigengrau #16161D"
by Siobhan Dakay

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