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Sun, Jun 30 3:29 PM Kamihamiha review of The Game Has Changed by My Free Mickey
Badass mate. The Ep is actually one consistent mix so it's cool to see someone u...
Fri, Apr 1 10:32 AM Kamihamiha review of Trash The Disco by Chandan Boruah
Vocals are a little quiet, but other than that, this is fantastic, good job!
Thu, Mar 31 2:49 PM Kamihamiha review of Trash The Disco by Alex
When i saw the description saying it was a quick mix with my samples, my hopes f...
Tue, Mar 29 9:05 PM Kamihamiha review of Trash Disco Punk by PorchCat
Brilliant stuff :)
Sun, Nov 21 3:13 AM Kamihamiha review of Sturzstrom is a Bammy Radge by Sturzstrom
Love the title:D
Sun, Jun 20 7:02 AM Kamihamiha review of Aged 47 by onlymeith
Wow this is intense, I love it!
Sun, Jun 20 6:54 AM Kamihamiha review of Prism in the Ether by Fireproof_Babies
In my opinion, the snare could either do with sounding much better or much worse...
Sun, Jun 20 5:34 AM Kamihamiha review of Bounce by DeBenedictis
Ill have to be honest, i dont really "get it". But it seems a lot of people like...
Sun, Jun 20 5:30 AM Kamihamiha review of Wayo Wayo by Blake
Club classic right there, very well done :)
Sun, Jun 20 5:29 AM Kamihamiha review of eliron by El.ector
wow i checked this out to see what someones secret mixter project was based on. ...
Sun, Jun 20 5:16 AM Kamihamiha review of Not Like You by AT
This is fantastic. The vocals and backing work so well
Sat, Mar 20 6:55 PM Kamihamiha review of Bounce :) by Vidian
This is fantastic! And just to clarify "Fat burds need ridden anaw" translates f...
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