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Fri, Aug 31 7:00 AM Vurma review of Alive and Kicking by shockshadow
Wow thanks alot for the mix man. Love dnb and would love to do a colab if your u...
Sun, Feb 4 5:48 AM Vurma review of Blame (out-west mix) by cdk
Well done. Clean sound. Looking forward to our up-coming colab:)
Wed, Jan 31 5:44 AM Vurma review of "Stop" (blue mix) by Ghost_k (Ghost Kollective)
Thx triple. Was a pleasure recording :)
Sun, Dec 24 3:32 AM Vurma review of Language of My Reality [Omni Trance Mix] by Omni Vista
Colins vocal sample was a perfect fit for your remix. Very tight and professiona...
Fri, Dec 22 7:14 AM Vurma review of Ryujin's Dream by shockshadow
Hypnotic track :o Very tight ambiance. Everything feels very well proportioned.
Fri, Dec 22 7:11 AM Vurma review of this velvet robe by deaddragoncarcass
Kinda original sound here actually. Definitely dig the base. It contains a lot o...
Fri, Dec 22 7:06 AM Vurma review of Sacrifice my Love by Sally Cooper
The vocals fit very good with your rhythm, but it looses strength when never cha...
Thu, Dec 21 7:58 AM Vurma review of Otto!.. by bombero
So great, yet so short. It has a lot of potential for a longer mix! Maybe add a ...
Tue, Dec 19 6:20 AM Vurma review of Mind Field by DJ BLUE
Crystal clear mix. Clean sounds and very delicate drums. Dont like the "check 1-...
Mon, Dec 18 5:34 AM Vurma review of funk-o-meter (Space Age Trippin RMX) by tripledoubler
Nice old school base. Very Victor Wooten soundish. Never seen anyone fit these v...
Mon, Dec 18 5:31 AM Vurma review of Gettin Illy on em (haterade mix) by shagrugge
Nice choon. Perfectly fitted rap. Dark and wierd. Love it :)
Sun, Dec 10 6:33 AM Vurma review of Blue Ocean by j00lz
Solid beat and chilled choon. Since the theme of ocean is all over the track, wh...
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