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Reviews left by AndreasF

Fri, Apr 6 12:28 AM AndreasF review of With The Look In Your Eyes by Loveshadow
On the road again? Good to hear! The whiskey did a good job on your voice!
Mon, Jul 17 1:09 PM AndreasF review of Sumthin Spezial. 2017 by Loveshadow
Still alive! Good!!!
Sun, May 8 5:31 AM AndreasF review of Break FREE ( The Strangle Hold ) by Loveshadow
Welcome back, Maestro! I missed you!
Sun, May 24 1:23 PM AndreasF review of Sound Machine by Stefan Kartenberg
Sat, Feb 21 2:06 PM AndreasF review of ***You're Coming Back*** by Loveshadow
Ellie Goulding listened carefully...
Sat, Feb 21 2:05 PM AndreasF review of Growing Older (Piano-Vocal 128 kbs) by wilburson
Ellie Goulding listened carefully...
Sat, Jun 28 6:15 AM AndreasF review of A Little Lovin by copperhead
Am I the only one thinking of "Let your love flow" when the song starts? :-)
Thu, Feb 27 1:48 PM AndreasF review of Aren_t_You_Worried by Stefan Kartenberg
Mein lieber Scholli, ist das ein Mega-Hammer-Power-Song! Seit mittlerweile drei ...
Mon, Dec 24 1:48 PM AndreasF review of Guess What You're getting for Christmas ? by Loveshadow
Ok, I guess: Another airplay on christmas day. - Oh no, sorry, thats you: htt...
Mon, Jul 23 6:49 AM AndreasF review of Fat Cats by Watzmann
"Zoo station" meets David Byrne. Hot!!!
Fri, Jul 13 4:14 AM AndreasF review of Heart on the Floor by Loveshadow
Thank you, Mr!!! Today is a very nice day!!!
Fri, Apr 6 8:46 AM AndreasF review of Movie Star * (The Making Of X) by Loveshadow
Last night I have been double-D: Disappointed and drunken. More than one posting...
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