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Living Nightmare (pell)

uploaded: Fri, Aug 5, 2016 @ 4:38 PM last modified: Fri, Aug 5, 2016 @ 4:46 PM  (add)
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Here’s the pell for my remix Living Nightmare.

I’m in Utah helping my mom move so only have a cheap vocal mic so it isn’t the quality I’m used to. Apologies, I tried to compensate in the ways I’m able (production is not my forte).

Special thanks to Blue Wave Theory for the inspiration.

Living Nightmare

I’m wide awake but you’re a nightmare
I can’t escape I’m seeing you everywhere
Words that you say poison the air
I’m wide awake but you’re my nightmare

And you won’t go away

Your trumpeting hate and you don’t play fair
With your arrogant ways and your comb-over hair
Know you’re a fake not a billionaire
No, no, I’m wide awake and you’re a nightmare

And you won’t go away

Blame is your game
Power your aim
No stranger to shame
‘Cuz they made your change your name

Won’t take the bait in your golden snare
You’re known to take more than the lion’s share
Keeping my faith not your lies and despair
Yea, I’m wide, wide awake and you’re a living nightmare

Sadly a certified cynic
Who’s choked on a big dose of bittnerness
Your bigotry is making the whole world sick
‘Cuz you’re oh, so sadistic
And you won’t go away
But I won’t play
Won’t be your prey
Go away
Won’t be your slave
Go away


Contents of ZIP Archive: vocal pack flac

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  • /Living Nighmare highbvox Snowflake.flac (4.82MB)
  • /Living Nighmare highbvox Snowflake_1.flac (10.61MB)
  • /Living Nighmare leadvox Snowflake.flac (6.58MB)
  • /Living Nighmare leadvox treated Snowflake.flac (6.80MB)
  • /Living Nighmare lowbvox Snowflake.flac (4.97MB)

"Living Nightmare (pell) "
by Snowflake

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