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uploaded: Tue, Dec 18, 2007 @ 4:19 PM
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Every once in a while a musical movement comes along that is so deep and pure that it touches you not just on a melodic level, but in a more profound way that makes you reassess your priorities. Afroganic is a natural, unprocessed, 100% organic sound. Delve deep and you will find a beautiful contradiction: a simple yet highly complex set of tunes that fuse African rhythms and home grown folk instruments such as pan-flutes to the sting Gunje, with infectious bass, guitar and funky house beats.

Mentor Records was granted the privilege of opening up the Afroganic sound to the dance and electronic music world and featured the track Nadeya in the Sweetwater World Music Remix Competition 2007. No song could have been more apt for this year’s theme of “Outstanding Female Singers?.

With layer upon layer of heart-tugging, feet-tapping vocals that are as natural and genuine as mother earth herself, Nadeya is the type of track that remixers of any disposition lust after. It’s all there, a beautiful canvas of possibilities just begging to be taken to a different dimension.

With the competition over, Mentor Records is delighted to raise the stakes higher and is releasing Nadeya to the ccMixter community.

by mentorrecords

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