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Making Me Nervous Source

uploaded: Wed, Nov 10, 2004 @ 1:01 PM
bybrad sucks
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128k MP3 source for my song Making Me Nervous. Visit my site for the uncompressed WAV version.

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /bassdrum.mp3 (129.15kb)
  • /bassline.mp3 (129.15kb)
  • /claps.mp3 (65.20kb)
  • /hihat.mp3 (65.20kb)
  • /inslide.mp3 (193.10kb)
  • /lalala.mp3 (129.15kb)
  • /lead_guitar.mp3 (151.30kb)
  • /rhythm_guitar.mp3 (257.04kb)
  • /solo.mp3 (1.03MB)
  • /tamborine.mp3 (129.15kb)
  • /vocals.mp3 (2.32MB)
  • /making_me_nervous.txt (298)

"Making Me Nervous Source"
by brad sucks

2004 - Licensed under
Creative Commons

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