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Not For Sale (the Gurdon Light)

uploaded: Sun, May 8, 2016 @ 12:47 PM last modified: Sun, May 8, 2016 @ 1:47 PM  (add)
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The 2016 May Day Secret Mixter delivered gurdonark to my doorstep. I have now explored the ”weirdbient” ouevre as well as some very useful field recordings over on freesound. Those used here are:

(cc)BY 2007 by gurdonark

(cc)BY 2007 by gurdonark

Doing a little research, I was rewarded with this and thought, why not?

With a little more serious attention I may clean up the hymn created for the choir in this piece, Not for Sale. But here are the lyrics if wanted:

Not for Sale
(cc)BY 2016 D A Ayer

It’s not for sale…
not for sale…
this song is not for sale

It can’t be bought
though you can borrow,
carry home
and sing tomorrow,
find it changed
by joy or sorrow.

This song is not for sale.

It’s not for sale…
not for sale…
this heart is not for sale

It can’t be owned
though freely given,
shared or taken,
cared for, shriven.
Might be stolen,
even broken.

This heart is not for sale.

Contents of ZIP Archive: stems male choir

  • /NotForSale_70B_ChoirMale-001.flac (8.16MB)
  • /NotForSale_70B_ChoirMale-002.flac (7.90MB)
  • /NotForSale_70B_ChoirMale-003.flac (8.00MB)
  • /NotForSale_70B_ChoirMale-004.flac (7.90MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: stems solo and piano

  • /NotForSale_70B_ChoirPiano.flac (3.62MB)
  • /NotForSale_70B_ChoirPiano.MID (3.25KB)
  • /NotForSale_70B_ChoirSoloA.flac (8.27MB)
  • /NotForSale_70B_ChoirSoloY.flac (6.52MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: samples and loops

  • /NotForSale_70B_Heartbeat.flac (1.74MB)
  • /Sample160430_00_HangingBell4Tier.flac (4.87MB)
  • /Sample160430_07_HeartBeat.flac (1.19MB)

"Not For Sale (the Gurdon Light)"
by Mr_Yesterday

2016 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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