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Gurdonark Drone Sample Pack 1

uploaded: Wed, Aug 23, 2006 @ 7:17 AM
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Five samples, comprised of either drones or good sample material to create drones:
1. duckling spindrum drone, a processed music box drone using the IXI software program spindrum
2. Nose Flute Drone, a drone created by processing a nose flute sample
3. Trinity Trail Sample, a sample of a hymn-like song in processed MIDI goblin effects, which can be easily converted into a variety of drone and sound effects
4. Robot Breakfast Noise sample, processed electric football fields and rain stick, converted into drone. This sample features Scott M, who records with Gurdonark
5. Hanging bells sample, a simple bell cascade, useful in its own right or as sample material for drones.

These five samples are useful for creating drones, pads, atmosphere, intros, outros, and backing ambience.

I use them for weirdbient fun.

I share them with you now.

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  • /gurdonark duckling spindrum drone01.MP3 (521.63KB)
  • /Gurdonark Nose Flute Drone.MP3 (482.04KB)
  • /Gurdonark Trinity Trail Sample.MP3 (1.24MB)
  • /Gurdonark Robot Breakfast Noise Sample.MP3 (246.12KB)
  • /Gurdonark Hanging Bells Sample.MP3 (740.41KB)

"Gurdonark Drone Sample Pack 1"
by gurdonark

2006 - Licensed under
Creative Commons

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