Rooted Rising Secret Mixter

Editors' Picks


Relax seaside with airtone’s downtempo ambient instrumental featuring the Whale Wizard. This track is perfect background music for film and games that need a chill vibe.
Kara Square

Healing Dawn

by: Speck
The Healing Dawn is one of those tracks that once you hear it, you have to put it on repeat and listen to it over and over since it’s that freaking good.
Mana Junkie

Postive Vibes

Texasradiofish crafts an idyllic production for one solo Humpback whale singer in Positive Vibes. Close your eyes and dive under the waves where the songs and sounds will wash away everything but the magical present moment.

Whale Watcher

Chill lofi call and response between a whale and a guitar. Apoxode’s minimalistic mix gives Oscar Frey’s whales a cool groove to sing with by utilizing Admiral Bob and Scomber’s samples.
Kara Square

Tom Whale

Captivating storytelling with an underwater soundscape. With Oscar Frey’s humpback whale songs and Admiral Bob’s ambient instrumental, Radioontheshelf tells the tale of a beautiful, majestic whale…
Kara Square

Somewhere Something

A ridiculously good and tight heavy rocker the likes of which we don’t hear often enough around here. Zep Hurme and Scomber. What a great pairing.

TRANSMUTED ( N○ f{@r )

Loveshadow takes us back into The Matrix with this rendition of Snowflake’s pell. You better buckle up tight because this ride is fast and furious and simply beautiful.
Mana Junkie

The moon and the stars

Drink in the sweet light of the moon and stars against the fading garnet red-wine sky. Stefan Kartenberg gives new downtempo life to a class pell from Kaer Trouz, with Secret Mixter source from Mana Junkie. A must listen!!

Wishing Well

Put on your headphones, sit back, reflect, and then make a wish in Loveshadow’s Wishing Well. Featuring an array of Apoxode’s stems, Wishing Well is smooth, sonic salve for anyone recovering from a broken heart.


Follow Martin Cee and Analog by Nature on an important journey through shades of light and beauty, while also facing the horrifying truths of humanity. While you listen closely, hold hope that harmony can be possible.


Experience the immersive ambient sound of Airtone remixing zikweb. The instrumental is the perfect backing track for video, film and games. Go on a chill, introspective and captivating sonic odyssey by pushing play.
Kara Square


Push play and invite SackJo22 to lead your breath to a space where you notice. Utilizing Bangcorrupt’s remix of Mana Junkie, SackJo22 adds spoken word, ethereal backing vocals and hypnotizing crystal singing bowl to create a chill, meditative ambient track for healing.
Kara Square


by: 7OOP3D
700P3D sets the course straight back to the mothership With the Admiral at the helm.

Ghosts In Your Mind

This just keeps getting better, getting deeper and more tripped out every time I listen to it. A remix master remixing a remix master here, taking us out past the horizon.

Notice Me

2500 years ago, Calypso sang this song to Odysseus to keep him on Ogypia, and you’ll never convince me otherwise. Magical and enchanting, you’ll be drawn in too. Every part and piece of this song is like something that has always existed, and only needed to be found.
Admiral Bob