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...ely to the advanced technical devices around me... everythings connected and ones just have to be kind to things... its the sa
...he scientists, the engineers and doctors, the analysts and directors, time to wake the geniuses; “wake up beautiful minds,
... guitar due to a technical issue, only the second half was recorded. join the jam, public server is available 24/7: bangc
... both musically and technically, are outstanding. it made creating with him a real joy. i cut up his arrangement a bit and added
come sing along vocals built on a bed of "c". [i]what i lack in technical acumen and pitch control i hope to make up for with heart ...
... is the night". so, technically we did not use samples from beatmachine, but used all of the sample sources smashed together again.
...must have been some technical issue back then (i had a lot of those in that distant past). however, it's a fairly simple tune, where
... recording as i am technically incapacitated for now (updates, windows 10, protools 12, focusrite interface -- need i say more?).
...fective by software engineers hiding behind lucha libre masks. protect yourself from the evil corrupt media. digital data storage
...ent, thanks to some technical difficulties in the studio. the nasa materials are available on line and are in the public domain:
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... we were industrial engineers, journalists, and travel bloggers.[/b] some of us are also coffee lovers, road trip heroes, and of
...and freelance field engineers in telecom industry. the fastest growing start-up with a global workforce in 175 countries. we have cu
...l to understand the technical terminology used by them. in such situation, you can contact [url=https://www.contact-customerservicen
...ost reputable sound engineers in south florida. making circle house studios in north miami his home base. lu earned many credits for
...gs immolate fleeced technicalities stupid upturned midnight. roes bowman tribulations antidotes bookie millstones handsomest. homesi
milduraf03 milduraf03 i am working on website tech blogs. it's a one stop destination for technical blogs, how to guides, and technical n...
...reated to fetishize technicality. i would rather listen to top 40 over a lot of the wanky crap hippies take as bible.
technicaldifficulties technicaldifficulties
...00+ creative mobile engineers • worked with many startups to fortune 500 and global 2000 companies across the globe • develope
baker8r robert baker if you are looking for detailed info on online recruitment or online werving must visit brandengineers.nl
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high speed sortation - advanced technical services extreme measures creative
19 technical illustrations from photos time lapsed (12 hours) toby mikle
7 technical illustrations toby mikle
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...red despite all the technical issues, its really good to hear vocals and lyrics added to these tracks
...id here (a bit more technical)....and you astound me as always. the bass synth is so cool and your background singing...so nice...th
...eated here. from a technical perspective i loooovvvvveee the use of the additional female voices. the percussion is soooo well sele
review of 'wishing well' by 'essesq' you know i love your voice in this register. never mind the technical stuff, this one's an earworm w...
...s appealing - it is technically top notch.
review of 'adrift' by 'speck' you always impress me with your ability to imbue technical precision with human emotion. [up][/up] [smal...
...magical and full of technicality. i have often said, you are a virtuoso.
review of 'up on the housetop' by 'speck' a nice clean rendition of a real classic. it's fun to think of what a technical marvel a doll w...
... crackling, even if technically that isn't one of the sounds. :)
... i have entered the technical decryption listening mode)
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special meaning for "beats" in bpm? i have a feeling that there may be a technical meaning for "beat" in the remixing community. i upload...
important question/confusion... so can i use music from here for a short film project? technically, its non-commercial, but theoreticall...
new dj vadim vocals released due to a technical problem the melody vocals were not originally released as part of the contest source but ...
...anks for your time (technically not a pun, but intended nonetheless). i’ll start the ball rolling and say for the record, i spe
...hetic sense. in the technical sense, or taking "remix" and "original" as artistic labels, what is the differance between the two? wh
...aight for mood in a technically simplistic way. each track is based around piano, which has been treated with only a touch of reverb
... site or some other technical reason. 7. "hey! i can't rate [i]anyone[/i] any more?!" if the system ratings abuse system susp
...l tracks perfectly (technical reasons) but that shouldn't matter too much i hope. the mp3 demo track gives you an idea what the loo
...a lot of creatively/technically brilliant folks around this site, and lookin forward to hearing all your mixes as i/we delve thru th
...ocals, imho, have a technical problem. the noise is pure digital/technical nature and has nothing to do with the recording quality
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crack the code secret mixter our annual spring secret mixter event comes with a distinct technical development mission and you are invit...
...no basis for giving technical criticism or accolades. with that caveat, these mixes just float my boat.