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... the plugin after a suitable victim was identified. using tantra 2 rhythmic multi-effects plugin preset flt network, apoxode's f
monologue session 120 monologue session, improvised set with organized shifts in pitch. suitable for trance/acid, or mined for loops/sho...
...s including finding suitable properties, conducting viewings, assisting with contract negotiations, and handling formal matters rela
gloom and doom decided to remix kara's remix of admiral bob's monkey's paw to be more suitable for dancing at our local blues clubs. adde...
where's my bubble? i tried to find vocals and/or (guitar) solos for this one, but i couldn't find anything suitable, so i decided to uplo...
...ys i searched out a suitable acapella and found one. the mix is not here, but the "instrumental" is and the only reason there are qu
it takes perspective panu opined that his pell was suitable for different genres. we agree. admiral bob's solo sample was converted to...
fat alcoholic hater probably not suitable for most workplaces, or polite company. [url=
the coffee shop [green][b][big]good to the last drop[/big][/b][/green] searched ccmixter for a drum beat suitable for a 90 bpm funkin'...
what happens in a cop van an electronic track with constantly panning and flanging, will be quite suitable if you are making some funky m...
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...n help you choose a suitable method for making candles. do you know you can make candles from a shortening vegetable? the necessa
...n pick out the most suitable details for our review. in so doing, we can supply readers only impartial articles that can help them p
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...rds to get the most suitable business card thickness, it's not just a paper
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... cute game which is suitable for everybody, even children.
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review of 'internet' by 'apoxode' wonderful reflection upon the development of the internet. suitable for a chill backing track, imho :) ...
...and beautiful music suitable for radio. congratulations.
review of 'slow burn' by 'dimensional_pulse' very smooth and relaxing, suitable for a winter's sunday morning waking up with a cup of cof...
review of 'deep whale adagio (ambient)' by 'sackjo22' great ambient track suitable for contemplative practice. thank you for shairng.
review of 'nette' by 'speck' lovely orchestration. [up][/up] certainly suitable for gliding around the dance floor with that special some...
...ture, if a remix is suitable for an event, just use that form. it will show up in the regular list as well. i went ahead and unpubli
review of 'isolate' by 'kraftamt' a great funk song. the combination of the sounds, the vocal and the rhythm create a suitable atmosphere...
review of 'perspective - the quotes' by 'speck' perfect nuggets suitable for situating. though i have to admit i was looking forward t...
review of 'odder stuff (duckettized)' by 'apoxode' nice, you've got a dystopian sci-fi vibe going, suitable for any cinematic exposition....
...s remix can be very suitable to it. i do not promise anything, but i have it in possible remixes.i repeat, great remix. [up][/up][up
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...til you installed a suitable codec. format wars are fun, uh? the support given to mp3 historically means it's prolific, people
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...ourite house tracks suitable for a club anyday. this was mixed by me (dan s) for ultimate fun. download the mix album here: [