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How to Make Candles without Wax?

Most craft makers are used to making candles with wax, but in fact, it is possible to do so without wax. A detailed  Good product review CraftsSelection guide can help you choose a suitable method for making candles. Do you know you can make candles from a shortening vegetable?

The necessary supplies for this project are: a can of vegetable shortenings such as Crisco, two or three candle wicks, tempered glass jar or candle holders, essential oils for scents, liquid dye, scissors, saucepan, spoon, and glue gun or tacky glue. Now let us guide you through the steps of making candles without wax.

Melt the Shortening

You need to melt the shortening inside a saucepan over medium heat and stir continuously until all the shortening is completely melted. If you have to use a microwave for this step, place the shortening inside a bowl and heat at 30-seconds intervals until all is melted. Please make sure the shortening doesn’t boil before removing it from heat.

Secure the Candle Wick

With the tacky glue or glue gin, secure the candle wick, especially the weightier end to the bottom of the candle holder. Place the wick at the center, especially if you are using a large wick, and try as much as possible to avoid wicks too close if you are using two or three wicks. You may want to twist wicks together to create a single bigger wick if necessary.

If your wick wouldn’t stand in the jar erect, you may use a pencil or skewer to wrap it around and keep it straight. At the same time, you pour the already melted shortening inside the candle holder or glass jar. Check the  Top Product Tested guide to know whether you have the right tools and supplies for this project.

Add the Candle Dye and Essential Oil

With the eyedropper, you can add the liquid dye of your choice to the melted solution. Add a drop of the dye at a time and stir until well blended. You can add as much dye until the desired color is achieved.

Add your essential oil to the shortening and dye mix if you want a scented candle. Just like the dye, add a few drops of essential oil at a time and stir until the mix is well-blended. Add as many drops of essential oils as you can until the desired scent is attained.

Pour your melted shortening mix inside the glass holder and watch as it solidifies as you remove it from heat. Try as much as possible to avoid splashes and burns on your body.

Cut the Candle Wick Appropriately

Once the candle holder is filled with shortening, allow it to solidify undisturbed. The candle size will determine the total time it will take to solidify; this could vary from a few minutes to several hours.

Cut the wick about half an inch above the candle, though the wick will self-extinguish if it is too long for the candle.

Whether you are a beginner or expert crafts maker, you can benefit more from  CraftsSelection craft-making tips and hacks. You can also get tips and ideas in any craft and expert product view on craft supplies.
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