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I'm Still Alive

uploaded: Sat, Jan 6, 2024 @ 5:19 AM last modified: Sun, Jan 7, 2024 @ 4:19 AM  (add)
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Funct the Uke with Tantra 2

Key: Bm
Uke: Bm F#m (kind of)
Bass: B A
Piano: Bm A

Tantra 2 was provided as a Plugin Alliance extra in a bundle of Izotope software and forgotten about. Recently, loaded it to see what it was. Decided to try the plugin after a suitable victim was identified.

Using Tantra 2 Rhythmic Multi-Effects Plugin preset FLT Network, Apoxode’s Funct Ukulele sample was processed to create a new rhythm track.

Bass, flugelhorn, piano, Djembe fills, and voice were added.

After the Tantra processing, sidechained the vocal to plugin Soothe 2 running in the Funct Uke mixer channel.

Discovered Oeksound Soothe 2, a dynamic resonance suppressor, watching a YouTube video entitled ”Every Song On Earth Should Use This Vocal Mixing Trick.” The video pushes and hypes the product but it is a modestly effective plugin, nonetheless. Bought the plugin on sale this holiday season.

The vocal was provided commercially by Function Loops in Vocal Pack by Lokka Vox.

"I'm Still Alive"
by texasradiofish

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