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Found 79 total matches mix -- treatment suggestions for parts, level adjustments, etc. 72 bpm, vocals & percussion stems uploaded separately valle
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...tro-dub, maybe? any suggestions? i'm very curious what you think! all comments (also negative) are welcome! if you want to kno
...or more vst's, any suggestions? 100 ,media,remix,bpm_100_105,non_commercial,audio,mp3,44k,stereo,cbr,vocals,male_vocals,drums,guita
...lp. if you have any suggestions on how i can improve, please leave me some feedback in the reviews. i greatly appreciate it. thanks
...lp. if you have any suggestions on how i can improve, please leave me some feedback in the reviews. i greatly appreciate it. thanks
... - roland jc-120 additionally i've created seperate tracks that include reverb, delay and chorus for each amp track. a track wit
talfahrt with the harmonies (its in gm) i am still not sure, hope it fits to your ears. if there are suggestions for improvement, i glad...
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...stomers with useful suggestions of high-quality and reasonably-priced products. [b]how do we make money?[/b] our business reli
...biza and since 2015 additionally also on the own radio station digital room radio
...ach one and guarded suggestions, training, and examples i’ve advanced along the way and created a entire software program called:
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review of 'if i could i’d love you' by 'whitewolf' i love the duet and interplay you created with the singers, additionally, the remix ...
... i would appreciate suggestions on how to improve what i'm hearing. [up][/up][up][/up][up][/up][up][/up][up][/up]
review of 'fragment_photographique_._album' by 'speck' some thoughts/suggestions: keep it simple. a remix upload should be [u]a[/u]...
... i give a couple of suggestions? (my hubby gives me notes on every remix i do, and i always appreciate it, though sometimes i resist
review of 'machine-gun' by 'apoxode' this is sounding great! i have a couple of suggestions i'd like to make. first is to add the names o...
review of 'tha youngn' by 'panu' good track. . . sent you a pm w/ suggestions. [up][/up]
review of 'mellow collie' by 'yogadeescuela' smooth but deep and strong mood. i can feel the sound in my hearth. additionally i want to t...
...ones. i have two suggestions for it though: 1. lose the fadeout at the end. a decisive ending always sounds better. 2. in t
review of 'smooth vocals' by 'mando_curious' for suggestions, see your post in the forums. didn't want to type it twice. peace [up][/u...
review of 'song for h' by 'panu' when i first came to ccm hepepe was one of the first people to get in touch with suggestions to improve ...
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... have some ideas or suggestions? i really appreciate any! i m looking for a perfect medium
... attached to it. additionally, it says it's "under review." is this meant to imply that it's only a temporary suspension, or is
...les to extract. any suggestions? thanks rick
...ate any thoughts or suggestions.
...could use tweaking, suggestions welcome. also, the breakdown section needs some effects. this is the first like real pop/electro kin
...yone have any other suggestions or recommendations on a similar plugin? thanks! - luke
..., or have any other suggestions? anybody have any suggestions or requests in regards to improving the sample packs? please answer quickly, i want to get started o
ccmxiter alternative genre compilation mix cd please post suggestions for artists and tracks to be included on an alternative genre compi...
ccmixter spoken word genre compilation mix cd please post suggestions for artists and tracks to be included on spoken word compilation of...
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... same time. yeah. suggestions? send 'em!