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the choice has been made every couple of years i find some time to play around with audio software. while i'm not very skilled, i enjoy p...
... point when your skilled sublime you either co-sign them or you endorse me you’re just pimping out the the culture any
...a couple!). i'm not skilled at building songs around pells so instead, i tried to build a song around the poignant lyrics vibs has s
... point when your skilled sublime you either co-sign them or you endorse me you're just pimping out the the culture any f
moonlight this time is alex beroza my assignment. he's a skilled professional, i think. i searched in his great library, i found a lot of...
...ause i'm not as mad skilled as some of y'all, still learning 8^) the first challenge was i (almost) always remix only attribution
as we kissed as i listened to the urmymuse collection, i see that he is a very skilled guitarist as well as a very good producer. one of ...
get it right i join the secret party for the first time, and i am really grateful to ccm for knowing aamu: he's a skilled contributor of ...
death metal the cool thing about this place that almost all my tracks on here were made by ''accident''.i'm not skilled enough yet to mak...
... me wish i was more skilled on the guitar. fortunately, philthenil provided just the type of accompaniment i was after. enjoy! me
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...lternatives. become skilled at everything you want to know to produce a meme that could pick up with then drape during the entire wo
...highly experienced, skilled professional, who can offer you specialized treatments for your fast recovery.
...ock toward becoming skilled at cello, followed by at this point transpire quite effective objectives representing getting better at
...s clever metaphors, skilled wordplay and sharp delivery, expertly blending innovative beats with shrewd rhyme-schemes to create a un
...cade, ankur, who is skilled in re-mastering compositions to a commercial scale and marketing. both the band members feel that the
...it, and if you're a skilled actor, you'll make an over dramatic mess. it's when the drama's over, that we're at our best. as for me,
madskilled madskilled
magsweeto magsweeto i come unskilled.
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multiskilled's sounds on soundcloud - hear the world’s sounds multiskilled
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review of 'there's no reality (milky blue pill)' by 'musikpirat' wow, this is great. it's really amazing what skilled artists can create ...
review of 'late summer night's theme' by 'speck' a highly skilled blend of varied source material. makes for a compelling, enjoyable list...
...t in the hands of a skilled producer it becomes a better version of itself, and with luck it becomes art.' with much appreciati
review of 'b minor jazz' by 'speck' really great stuff, so very skilled. [up][/up]
...h skills not enough skilled workers, and shame history was so distorted by unskilled thinkers/writers. were all basically used hopef
...liminal. you are so skilled! i hope these words are more cathartic than depressing to people... there's always light behind the clou
review of 'love' by 'kara square' beautiful, emotional backing track... you are so skilled, stefan. thank you for remixing this. 💗
review of 'rescue me (instrumental)' by 'speck' highly skilled and truly collaborative. much enjoyed.
review of 'chances' by 'speck' top notch group of uploads. very skilled.
review of 'winter fusion (instrumental)' by 'speck' fantastic fusion. you are one skilled dude.
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headphones then commerical speakers i really need someone who is more skilled than i am to give me a heads up on when i’m making music ...
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