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...h a deeply personal narrative that in some ways i share, and it shines beautifully because of that and the crafted need to make sens
... the musical parts, narrative interruptions, like in my own dreams. it is a bit melodramatic at times, like some dreams are ! it
certifcate of vaccination r.f.i.d. describes the false narrative utilized to bring forth global depopulation pursuant to daniel 8:25 ,aca...
ballad of emma virginia alderman this is an original piece written in 1997. it was intended to be a narrative performed as a contemporary...
spinning free i find field recordings fascinating. ones involving urban exploration add a narrative thrill. the hunt for a train to jump ...
feel (2020 edit) this is the 2020 edit of the extended narrative poem feel, by adam fieled, as recorded at the eris temple in north-west ...
...e completed song, a narrative styled ditty about urban gentrification, outrageously high real estate prices and coming back to your
... to a synopsis of narrative plot structure: i was born. one day i died. in the interim i did some stuff. ,media,remix,at
... to a synopsis of narrative plot structure: i was born. one day i died. in the interim i did some stuff. ,acappella,medi
... language infinite narrative from a finite vocabulary telling the old story each day another way today an almost
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...n they've devised a narrative schematic to get this sort of kingdoms having an unprecedented extent next grounding value. while hydr
...ent phenomena shape narrative and identity construction, and examines the morphology of whatness while first-hand experience and hum
...lar, the best urban narrative in local music 2008..."[/i] [i][b]from lou albano[/b]: " i finally bought drip's second recor
...orary with a visual/narrative edge is the core motive to axeast music.
...eading a continuous narrative through it, pointing to ways of working with information on higher levels of organization, pulling tog 15 tunes into a narrative called "fingers crossed" with leels, working with the order of the silver cosmonauts on the design for
asteria asteria asteria (sylvia rhyne, soprano, and eric redlinger, tenor and lute) seeks to bring a narrative quality and emotional imme...
...finn, who emphasize narrative and strong lyrics. recording artist grayson hugh commented, "the originality of his songs, both musica
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..., so suited for the narrative. [up][/up][up][/up] ed-picked :)
review of 'memory tides' by 'apoxode' cinematic and uplifting, with a narrative of its own :) [up][/up][up][/up]
...s that accompany my narrative voice sample. thank you for this wonderful remix. meet you in the new sphere. i am building it as w
review of 'whale rider' by 'spinningmerkaba' i love the story, so visceral and the music accentuates the narrative with lush calmness. d...
review of 'the man who played one chord' by 'javolenus' amazing & poignant narrative & lyrical skills. [up][/up][up][/up][up][/up]
review of 'celestial saute' by 'rizkeyg' this would be perfect for adding a narrative over the top in a " dick spanner " episode. [up][/u...
...t to be part of the narrative.
review of 'terror tracks - halloween again' by 'malredeszik' great narrative songs.
review of 'i see clear' by 'apoxode' lightly chilling with elements of the macabre, interprets the narrative succinctly. well paced and a...
review of 'free hearts again' by 'rizkey g' this is like the current global narrative ! its the prophecy of frijters 2020
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... an electro beat, a narrative about passing clouds might be married to an urban frenzy. in so doing, they seek to neither darken the
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