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Dreaming Apoxode

uploaded: Sun, Sep 11, 2022 @ 7:52 AM
FeaturingApoxode, Manuel Mario Celeste,McW
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this fortnight i read and listened up about dreams, the various types, visionary, prophetic, inspirational, everyday, symbolic, housecleaning, some maybe “just the result of your interpreter trying to create a story out of random neural signaling.” all this together with the processes of memory, association, substitution, transformation makes up the dream’s mystery.
i also watched the tempest : we are such stuff as dreams are made on

the track features
three apoxode tracks,
the voice of mcw (“young people”)
and of m.m. celeste (shop & time)
plus some natural sounds

i tried to make sudden transitions between the musical parts, narrative interruptions, like in my own dreams. it is a bit melodramatic at times, like some dreams are !

it is not actually a waking dream, it’s what you might remember when you do awake.
and there`s a very extensive how-i-did-it, more of a diary than concrete fx and mixing matters
very special thanks to mcw

"Dreaming Apoxode"
by martinsea

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