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We had It All ( Unplugged )

uploaded: Sat, Dec 17, 2022 @ 1:09 PM
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Firstly I am truly grateful for this site . I joined in 2007 and there is no place like it. Getting free access to work with samples and especially for me vocals, has been a key part in developing my ability to mix and create music.

I also remain impressed with alternate mixes that other remixers make of the same vocal stems and that alone has given me added guidance to explore techniques and styles I would not normally follow.

I have never uploaded an alternative mix and struggle like most people I guess, to know when to add more or take something away.

I consider this vocal of Snowflakes though one of the best performances I have heard, not only on this site but anywhere. It’s driven with a deeply personal narrative that in some ways I share, and it shines beautifully because of that and the crafted need to make sense of our lives through music and creative art.

So here it is in an unplugged alternate form that for me exposes how great it is.

No bass or drums, just keys and maybe a shaker.

This will be the last mix of 2022 for me ( maybe )

So, lots of Love and luck to everyone for 2023 and enjoy your holidays . x

LS 2022

"We had It All ( Unplugged )"
by Loveshadow

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