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...retty much the same formula, so i decided to try and change things up with a series of original improvisations inspired by the purch
...using the following formula: ffmi = fat-free mass (kg) / (body height (m))^2 ffmi = 86.8 kg / (1.765 m)^2 ffmi = 25.1 a ffmi o
...0s-1970s period 815 formula tape at 15" ips. vinyl plugin was set to 1970s 45 rpm record. wiped the higher fidelity shine off th
...ed 1960s period 811 formula tape and 7.5" ips tape speed to further dampen the highs (compared to 15" ips and 815 formula tape).
...ra pit bolster the formula improve on it dissapear into a cloud of haze with not a witness with not a trace --------- ninjas in
...istic protocols and formulaic arrangements. similarly open, speck often embraces chaotic mixes with atonal colors. here, we sou
...eep toying with the formula to make more money- they make customers not cures, sad fact of life. yet disturbed sleep patterns will c
this time i took some liberties with the arrangement of the lyrics to formulate a chorus. the melodies were for the most part left in tac...
...s pop is built to a formula ?? something's change, most remain the same. hope you like ls in small screen black and white, dres
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...roup. emphasize the formulation popular feature b. click on the font” pull-down menus next scroll because of the barcode font
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...igure). a great formula yell double elliptic curve, remodeled into the society, was located while travelling just before support
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extreme crash - tommi loytynoja 1100hp - formula offroad balsta sweden 2014 fredrik nilsson
crazy long jumps with awesome mini buggy 150hp - formula offroad blsta sweden fredrik nilsson
formula ford.wav huubjeroen
formula one racer passing by.wav prosounder
formula5.wav zippi1
formula4.wav zippi1
formula3.wav zippi1
formula2.wav zippi1
formula1.wav zippi1
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review of 'roboduck' by 'snowflake' you have this secret sound formula that somehow *every time* opens up a hidden emotional space inside...
review of 'squeezed' by 'radioontheshelf' that's not a tuning thats a scientific formula!😁[up][/up]
... left notes of your formula of words. [/b]
...iables in a sea for formulaic assemblages. sometimes you crack me up.
review of 'light think' by 'latopa' have a formula to bring the best of the samples from the musicians @ccm and give a twist...
review of 'velvet green of mystery' by 'snowflake' the formula only knows how to handle one upload for the song matrix -- so i just manua...
review of 'pretty little box' by 'latopa_zm' man, your full of surprises. dj feel mix 10/10. the formula is there and you have it.[up][/u...
review of 'icarus' by 'copperhead' another magnific track ! i like the simple band type formula where everything shines thru nicely.
review of 'seed' by 'scomber' great chorus! (and every other part) you certainly understand the pop formula zep :)
...oduction builds, is formula magic. i imagine this track will spread throughout the internet! you are amazing!!!! great mix. [up][/up
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...most exclusively on formula composition, a compositional technique which involves the projection and multiplication of a single melo
...picks/about the 'formula' for calculating the mixters' favorites is based on several factors that unfortunately and embarrassingl
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the mixin' kitchen 36 s_a_job_and_all_about_the,nsfw [b]workin' it.[/b] if a equals success, then the formula is a equals x plus y and...