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Found 8 total matches taken years of deconstructing and healing to realize that shame created my capacity from which my strength is derived. the co
...nion aids us all in constructing our own thoughts freedom of speech, freedom of the press the right of the people to petition the
...nion aids us all in constructing our own thoughts freedom of speech, freedom of the press the right of the people to petition the
...hem as instruments, constructing a new song around them. june_2012,secret_mixter,remix,media,bpm_085_090,ballad,bass,drums,female_vo
...m not very adept at constructing a good hip hop track. a good hip hop track seems to begin with a sweet hook, heavy from the start,
... i did a little deconstructing and reassembling. ta da! media,remix,bpm_090_095,car_interior,female_vocals,groove,r_n_b,nc_samplin
... as the creature is constructing this distance spreads between us and the lines begin to blur our violence is erupting but somet
...y attempt at both reconstructing and improving angels. dedicated to those times you can't stop arguing with yourself. (yes, i
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...situated devoted to constructing a greeting area somewhere good friend perk the other person by the side of in addition to communica
dead4theweekend ctrl - alt - dstry ctrl - alt - dstry is randal silvey: i've been a musician for roughly 12 years constructing songs, wr...
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constructing temples cayce andrew and notifi
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.... you have a way of constructing a song that captivates my being... just like the folk greats that first inspired me to make music. a fantastic job constructing this and making such different sections still feel like they are part of a coherent whole. incredi
...its core is about deconstructing and reconstructing space. and of course, to end with the words, "we start" is perfect, especially a
...ers the way through constructing a pell against khidir's "explosions" and i'm going to abandon it now unless you post that deft pian
...ning to get back in constructing a kick ass dance track (used to... not so much now). your the trance king round these parts. nice w
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...xes and ccmixter is constructing a page with [url=]all the finalists[/url]. we ap
...explore new ways of constructing music free from the constraints of the conventional. track list: unconventional angel lifeform a
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