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DJ Vadim Contest Winners

permalink   Mon, Jul 2, 2007 @ 6:01 AM
From our friends:

“Hello all.

Thanks again everyone for the work you’ve all put in.

I’m pleased to announce that Jr Eakee’s - Kill Kill Kill remix is the grand winner, and that the runner up is Kill Kill Kill Deface Groove Mix.

We will be releasing a DJ Vadim; Soundcatcher 1.5 DVD album later in the year which will feature these tunes, as well as the 3rd Single, available on CD and Vinyl through all major music retailers.

We are about to put the whole album up on ccMixter and hope that you’ll use this material to collaborate with us again.

Our radio shows in London and Spain will be playing all your remixes and ccMixter is constructing a page with all the finalists.

We appreciate your work enormously and apologize for the time it took to announce the winner.

Wurd to all,

DJ Vadim, Ben and Lee from BBE.