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...out of kindness and consideration for both participants). i was excited to work with anchor's voice, and grail is the song that s
... are added for your consideration. also added the texture loops generated by labchirp (some need start/stop point adjustments). ,me
...elected for further consideration. it's recommended to carefully read the submission guidelines, and make sure that your demo is of
... feel after careful consideration can be heard in this remix i'm delivering to you this morning. i'm sending it right away through t
meaning of the word our assigned victim was mr yesterday with the request for due consideration of lawrence lessig's may day communique. ...
...his is am important consideration! i quickly worked out the lyric and then added the vocal to the mix. i heard some backup vox singi
thank you for your consideration for insomniacs media,remix,ambient,sturzstrom,non_commercial,audio,mp3,44k,stereo,cbr
...y sensation, under consideration. collaboration,deregulation, from mass communication. you just can’t yank our songs, we ar
thank you for your consideration although i hate poets who tell people what to think about their poetry know that this one has a dual mea...
...s but under careful consideration of [url=]colab's review[/url] (he was right all
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...or thavma's fervent consideration. agvi, lost and yearning, rolled her hips forward, moaning and undulating as thavma watched.
... thing to take into consideration is one's desire to commit oneself, to win constantly with [url=
... area. take into consideration your neighborhood comments and suggestion because the characteristics they possess have influence
...range with all your consideration to help you spend these items when they grow to be on hand. i produce a good summary connected wit
...dition, taking into consideration you've manipulated a help value en route for poster clothed in, it is going to be converted into s
...s best to take into consideration that almost all of those cheats will not work. however now the competitors in this game has also i a made the grade consideration. produce contains a good interactive abilities change plan plus a motivating chains associated wit
...thermore reasonable consideration do its stuff existed offered. after having a substance shortfall line up the same as the grasp rin
...eipts breed lots of consideration in the commercial humankind, perpetually astonishment exactly why? partway from end to end outlook
...30 days taking into consideration reporters from the group empire learned that healthiness right right now there spent fetal corpse
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...tle track, and your consideration is greatly appreciated :) [up][/up][up][/up]
review of 'song of shabbat' by 'jeris' i love your consideration of sound texture first. your love of theatre always comes through in you...
...l done, but it is a consideration among many since it's all really well done. everything works perfectly and enhances this enchantin
...t/suggest (for your consideration in the future) .wavs in a .zip, for quality and convenience.
...with it! i'm giving consideration to more spoken word pieces.
...nt and imagery into consideration. this pell is one of my babies. probably the edgiest thing i've ever done. you've done it justi
review of 'thank you for your consideration' by 'numeron' brian eno would be jealous of this![up][/up]
review of 'thank you for your consideration' by 'speck' also makes a very nice rainy day lunchtime accompaniment. very nice indeed.
review of 'thank you for your consideration' by 'texasradiofish' relaxing found myself drifting off forget i was listening to ccsturzstro...
review of 'thank you for your consideration' by 'steven m bryant' excellent..glad i followed this one. the vocal from dry to very tasty.....
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...g remixes for album consideration, please send an e-mail to my label at i am also available for mcing/colla
...g remixes for album consideration, please send an e-mail to i am also available for mcing/collabs on your
.... thanks for the consideration, and if it doesn't make sense, i completely understand. vs ever given any consideration to teaming up with a site like to get some more emcees in here...
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immediate consideration dance,female_vocals,instrumental,loops,melody tracks that i'm immediately considering mixing up.
creative considerations cool_samples this list is a collection of samples from around mixter, looking for bits that catch my ear and migh...