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Singers do a last song for the night

uploaded: Fri, Mar 9, 2012 @ 3:30 PM last modified: Fri, Dec 7, 2012 @ 2:41 PM  (replace)
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spring clean 2a - about a year ago i used the ‘random’ generators at quite a bit (although, what they create is not ‘ random’). Used some of the midi in songs that were not finished - this one, up until now.
there is also an instrumental using the same midi (to follow soon enough), thus part 1/2

Update 07-Dec-2012:
Uploaded new version - vocals almost complete removed, which is not due to the quality of the vocals but under careful consideration of colab’s review (he was right all along)

Contents of ZIP Archive: sls loops

  • /singers-last-song_loops/AntiCulture.Net Randomly Generated Jazz_002.mid (8.17KB)
  • /singers-last-song_loops/sls_perc-loop-1a.flac (61.58KB)
  • /singers-last-song_loops/sls_perc-loop-1b.flac (133.92KB)
  • /singers-last-song_loops/sls_perc-loop-2a.flac (1.35MB)
  • /singers-last-song_loops/sls_perc-loop-2b.flac (780.38KB)
  • /singers-last-song_loops/sls_perc-loop-2c.flac (1.52MB)
  • /singers-last-song_loops/sls_perc-loop-2d.flac (521.71KB)
  • /singers-last-song_loops/sls_perc-loop-2e.flac (649.87KB)
  • /singers-last-song_loops/sls_perc-loop-3a.flac (667.39KB)
  • /singers-last-song_loops/sls_perc-loop-3b.flac (480.14KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: sls stems

  • /singers-last-song_stems/sls_stems_bass.mp3 (7.31MB)
  • /singers-last-song_stems/sls_stems_drums-1.mp3 (7.33MB)
  • /singers-last-song_stems/sls_stems_drums-2.mp3 (7.33MB)
  • /singers-last-song_stems/sls_stem_cello-piano.mp3 (7.33MB)

"Singers do a last song for the night"
by annabloom

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