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New Acapellas Posted (Party Rap, Booty House, Old School, Punk/Ska)

Moe Train
permalink   Mon, Nov 20, 2006 @ 11:59 AM
Hey… I’m Moe Train, a punk/ska/reggae/hip hop artists from the Philadelphia area. I just posted a few new acapellas on my page.

Childish - My part in a collaboration with Distorted Mastermind. I take a very old school approach (but rapid fire delivery) with this acapella.

Break It Down - Probably my most well know party rap track which people have likened it to something that the Beastie Boys would do. These vocals have about 7 different effects going through them. This acapella has been remixed in many different genres (hip hop, electronica, d’n’b, etc).

Hit the Floor - Old school rap… ANTHEM STYLE

Big Ass Booty - “The Anti-Booty Booty House Anthem.” This is the acapella from the #1 Old School song of all time on

The Most Beautiful Girl I’ve Ever Seen - A ska/punk acapella for those who like to do some remixing of sung vocals. An extremely energetic performance… This acapella is a sneak peek at my upcoming album, One Love.

I am looking for some great remixes to include on my album. If you are interested in submitting remixes for album consideration, please send an e-mail to I am also available for MCing/collabs on your own beats. If you are interested in something of that nature, contact me at