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Suggested button for "attribution only"

permalink   Thu, Feb 2, 2006 @ 8:10 PM
One thing I like about this site is that it’s always encouraging podcasters and others to use this site’s materials.

I see that I’ve got some material here on "attribution" cc license, and other materials on
"attribution nc" cc license. I don’t want to discuss the legalities of things, because I am a lawyer, and I think that on-line forums are not a good place to discuss law for a hundred good reasons.

I want instead to discuss a way for film-makers with indie films to use this site easily to find work that can be placed into student project films and other similar things.

If a button existed which one could press (click, depress, whatever term) that would list "attribution" licenses but not "attribution nc" licenses, then
works those of us made who don’t really care about
making money but would love to have in, say, a student film, could be easily found by, say, no-budget and student film-makers.

I know that I and others have had folks come and ask to use our work in such films (I have one contact come through mixter, and one outside of mixter).

It would be a cool marketing thing (assuming it doesn’t require a ton of code or hassle) if some text said "Need material for your film or video project on an ‘attribution-only’ basis, then click here fora listing of pieces with cc "attribution only" licenses.

Obviously, a small suggestion, and a non-essential one, but I think it could be a fun way for those of us who see the money angle of this as "I already have a day job" to link up with folks who might have cool things to link audio up with.

thanks for the consideration, and if it doesn’t make sense, I completely understand.
permalink   Thu, Feb 2, 2006 @ 8:32 PM

We’ll be doing a site re-think some time later and putting a lot of emphasis on directing music consumers to this like that link above.

Basically, when thinking about ccMixter and how stuff works the first place to think about is: tags. A huge portion of our internal architecture is based on tags. Everything from the media type, genre, license, contests, etc. etc have tags that can be used for filtering.

But yes, a page devoted to consumers is coming, probably more than a page.

Thanks g.