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from oceans to egos freudcompared the relationship between the id and the ego to that of a horse and rider. the horse represents the ... great it sounds compared synth bass. i will record much more bass in future! and if anyone wants a bass line for something l
...r dampen the highs (compared to 15" ips and 815 formula tape). wiped the modern higher fidelity shine off the mix :0) ,lofi_summ
... to make any sense compared to the feeling i get when it's just us but i'll keep saying i love you broken record that i am an
.... the best free daw compared to fl studio. listen to this song here on youtube: [url=][/url] or her
... the genre spectrum compared to my normal (and much too sensible) pop arrangements. gurdonark has been around for the entire ccm
... i’ve been lucky compared to plenty i know that and yet still i’ve had my fill of utter crap g/c/d7/g but i know tha
...s electric guitars. compared to amplitube and other software this one creates absolutely amazing guitar tones! for the bass i use
...][/url] i added, compared to the previous version, a synth vocal part of kronos, an electric guitar and working volumes. bass an
... decent bottom end, compared to laptop or mobile device internal speakers. updated 2016-08-01: for those who're curious about th
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...his source[/url] is compared to another, the patient or the family members should then decide where to have the treatment. it's only
...e same time as when compared to 4% involving chaps) may take part in private brushing any time hammering. thus, do not let the senti
... on a voyage longer compared to the lead-time with which the assurance practice container shelled out used for the consequent 30-day
...h prep measure when compared to karate furthermore fast-pitch softball, case study postulates, slow-pitch thrashes may make a lot mo
...icult to break down compared to other foods that you eat and this is something that you will appreciate with a regular serving of yo
...hrash prep age when compared to soccer then fast-pitch softball, the learning understands, slow-pitch hammers can certainly spawn fu
... point in time when compared to football furthermore fast-pitch softball, the analysis infers, slow-pitch hits can certainly crank o stage when compared to karate plus fast-pitch softball, the learning infers, slow-pitch players be able to produce a lot mo
... a whole lot nearer compared to a upshot managed a little bit. the revolutionary york capital physician be connected with inside the
...0 far more gamblers compared to the nhl declares, with rise over two times as scores of persons in the function of mlb say. that's a
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... some shadows here (compared to your older mixes). but this side of the muscial musikpirat is a very adorable side. the rhythm sect
...layer of discomfort compared to the sweet high tones, nice contrast.
...r ccmixter material compared to our more recent fare as well. is so perfect! compared to rem, or madonna, or pink floyd, or any good music from the past or present, the difference is only t
review of 'anyotherday' by 'siobhan dakay' wonderful. i adore your nearly minimalistic setups this is compared to your regular mixes pret...
...s a bit too upfront compared to the (very funky) backing tracks.. sounds like the original recording was on the hot side, i know wha
...e usa great again. compared to the acquiessing blandness of obama he is a bit of a handfull but he makes great entertainment. jo
...little fight can be compared to the rhythm that appears to get out of time slowly but returns back to line later. flashback introd
review of 'loveshadow - break free (cdk mix)' by 'spinmeister' love it! cool work on changing the tempo compared to the original. could b... mood you created compared to the reference track i used to create that solo. great work man!!![up][/up]
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...r just plain sucks) compared to older uploads... the more artists the site has, the better this idea seems to me- and might deter si
..., a remix has to be compared/contrasted to the complete sound of it's sampled elements. furthermore what i would accept as a remix f
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