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Reviews for "Gifted (Extended Mix)"

Hans Atom
permalink   Mon, Jan 9, 2023 @ 2:06 AM
I love this mix a lot!!! Very nice synth additions. Especially nice, when the second synth voice sets in.
I just only miss Robert smiths voice in it. Anyway, i think: You have been gifted!!!
Thanks a lot for this great fun mix.
Kara Square
permalink   Mon, Jan 9, 2023 @ 5:49 AM
Sweeeeeet extended mix! This was a great jam to start my day. Thanks!
permalink   Mon, Jan 9, 2023 @ 9:52 AM
Boss! Retrowave in its finest form :)
permalink   Tue, Jan 10, 2023 @ 2:08 AM
very good cube. reminds me of the bloodhound gang. very well produced. a ccmixter hit. but you only know when it’s a hit when you listen to it drunk. smoking ganja is for the schmocks who pull their ganja through their lungs at home or on the street on a park bench. and when you smoke ganja everything is cool and you laugh. but only when you drink alcohol and listen to a song you know how good it is. whether at home mixed with psychotropic drugs or in the club where twens with their skinny bodies fill up with daikiris, or cuba libre. only when it bangs, a song is an overhit. and i’ve never heard a song including my own that bangs when you’re drunk, like i am now, on ccmixter. the songs on ccmixter are as good or bad as the 60.000 new releases daily on spotify. including the new releases from the top stars. it’s good for a ganja smoker, but for a drunk it’s just average to forget.

your song here is certainly top notch for the ganja smoking californian ccmixter community. also compared to the 60.000 new releases on spotify. it reminds me of the bloodhound gang in new wave style without the lewd lyrics. but it doesn’t drag my feet when i’m drunk like a good west asian, orthodox east european, indian, etc snake charmer sound. that’s why i’ll consider your contribution to the ccmixter community sound database as ed pick ripe, but still listen to taira tairovic - na jednu noc. a song from the brother people. as americans like to say to serbs and croatians. which nothing differs even the language is 90% the same. except for religion, croats that’s me, are catholic belong to west rome so western europe and serbs are russian orthodox and make snake charmer music because they belonged to east rome and were occupied by the muslim snake charmer music listening ottomans for centuries and can’t deny certain influences in music. and i don’t care.

in conclusion i say your music sounds a bit like the bloodhound gang and is worthy of another ed pick on the californian website ccmixter populated by ganja smoking members:)

you have to hand it to me for this epilogue dear cube:
you have certainly heard of people connecting when they are in close proximity to each other.

and this morning i got out of my little ford pony, and heard the serbian housewife in my house on the first floor, who is about my age, washing the dishes after breakfast for her teenage children and her husband who holds 45 minute sessions in the bathroom every evening. and she looks out and sees the Croatian guy of the same age who has no wife no children no friends and does something on the internet with music according to her 20 year old daughter that she didn’t tell her husband the self-employed moonlighting construction company man and who now gets out of the car, neatly coiffed and always inaudible in the neighborhood. who is so fat but always carries the full ikea bags with ease.

and now that we are all connected, i hear the snake charmer music of my serbian brother people for whatever reason. in which a m1lf sings about being terribly in love.

you can delete this lyrical review now dear cube. it doesn’t fit at all into the petty reviews of the other users.

but i still think your song is worthy of an ed pick.:)