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Sun, Apr 21 4:29 PM Apoxode review of Love Song by Trail & Portal by Trail_and_Portal
Right on, Adisa McKenzie is back in this jazz ballad from Trail & Portal! Good ...
Sun, Apr 21 2:29 PM Apoxode review of what you're asking for takes time by jaspertine
Right on, back in the saddle with a crunchy math rock roller :)
Sun, Apr 21 2:27 PM Apoxode review of Bunker Lullabye by Javolenus
Beautiful vintage textures, both cold and glowingly warm - love the slow vibrato...
Sun, Apr 21 2:23 PM Apoxode review of Clouds(90bpm Chillhop Samples) by Darkroom
Uplifting and steadily paced vibes, grounded with some punchy beats :)
Fri, Apr 19 12:48 PM Apoxode review of Sans Peckular by Speck
What a joyous redux! This brings back fond memories, love the full circle you c...
Wed, Apr 17 11:46 AM Apoxode review of Pink Blossom Haze by Javolenus
A bittersweet performance, both up close and intimate, as well as melancholic. T...
Wed, Apr 17 11:37 AM Apoxode review of Radio Soul Motiv by JansMusic
Love that lofi vintage sound, just needs a big old breakbeat to take it home :)
Wed, Apr 17 11:35 AM Apoxode review of Clementine, Sorry Not Sorry (experimental improvisation 3,5,2024) by Speck
Wonderfully warped in the best way, the doppler effect gives it a feverish and d...
Wed, Apr 17 11:30 AM Apoxode review of The First Time by jaspertine
Sweetly chill rock instrumental, those fret slides sound sweet! That vocoded sni...
Wed, Apr 17 11:27 AM Apoxode review of Trash The Disco by raja_ffm
Awesome electroclash, really makes me want to trash a disco :)
Wed, Apr 17 11:26 AM Apoxode review of Dear Huey (Epic) by musikpirat
Great use of a space panning her vocals, and love that sweeping pulsewidth :)
Wed, Apr 17 11:23 AM Apoxode review of SoulDrifter by Skye Jordan
Good use of the source material, keeping airtone's chill energy going :)
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